The United States is approaching the peak of delta waves, but the virus is expected to become endemic

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The latest U.S. coronavirus wave caused by delta mutants could peak soon, but experts warn against complacency and expect the virus to become part of everyday life in the coming years. doing.

As of Monday, the average daily number of cases was 172,000, the highest level of this surge. Growth rate According to data edited by the COVID Act Now tracker, cases are slowing and decreasing in most states.

However, more than 1,800 people die in a single day, and more than 100,000 continue to be hospitalized with serious COVID. This reminds us of the challenges the authorities faced in vaccination of a sufficient number of Americans in the face of misinformation and a polarized political situation.

Bhakti Hansoti, an associate professor of emergency medicine at John Hopkins University and an expert in COVID critical care, told AFP that he saw the United States follow a similar trajectory to India.

Western European countries are experiencing a similar recession due to the surge in deltas.

But when the spring waves were over, Hansoti sighed with relief, but she admitted, “I’m a little hesitant this time.”

“Unless we learn from the lessons of the fourth wave,” new concerns and the arrival of colder weather can lead to more indoor socialization, which can lead to rebounds.

Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, added that she wasn’t sure if the fourth wave was over.

“Looking at the autumn-winter waves, there was a time when there was a sharp exponential increase, and then it seemed to be falling, and there will be another increase.”

Rapidly increasing the number of people vaccinated is essential to ensure that profits are sustained. Currently, 63.1% of the eligible population over the age of 12 is fully vaccinated, Total population..

This puts the United States far behind world leaders such as Portugal and the United Arab Emirates (81% and 79% are fully vaccinated), despite the abundance of shots. ..

President Joe Biden’s administration announced last week several new steps to strengthen its immunization campaign, including new vaccine requirements for companies with more than 100 employees, but the impact is still clear. Has not been seen.

Two america

Experts hope that other interventions will continue beyond vaccination.

Harvard surgeon and health policy researcher Thomas Tsai said hotspots need to track masking, and the United States has adopted extensive and rapid testing in schools and businesses in other countries. He added that he should also look.

Such tests are available for free or for very little cost in Germany, the United Kingdom and Canada, but in the United States 2 despite the Biden administration’s efforts to reduce costs through transactions with retailers. It remains about $ 25 in a pack.

Of course, the impact of all measures depends on their uptake, and in this respect two clear and consistent patterns of the United States have emerged: liberal areas are far more compliant than conservative.

Prior to the delta wave, some experts declared that the country was approaching the point of herd immunity, among the proportion of vaccinated people and those who were immunized by natural infections.

Rasmussen said these predictions have proven to be inaccurate and it is too early to say when this threshold will be reached.

“There are still some countries where adult vaccination rates are less than 50 percent,” she said.

Get endemic

Delta has surpassed all previous variants and is now dominant, but SARS-CoV-2 continues to evolve rapidly, and virologists fear that more dangerous variants will emerge.

“I don’t want to be an apocalypse, but I also want to be humble because I don’t think we know much about the many basic functions of these mutations,” Rasmussen said.

Still, experts expect the vaccine to continue to blunt the worst consequences for most people and look forward to the vaccine being approved for children under the age of 12 in the coming months.

It is expected that certain populations, such as the elderly and people with weakened immunity, may require booster immunity and high community vaccination rates to protect them.

The goal is to shift to tame the virus for vaccinated people rather than eradicate it, making the disease more influenza-like in rare cases of breakthrough infections.

However, uncertainty remains. For example, a person with a breakthrough COVID infection can still be infected with a long COVID.

Gregory Poland, an infectious disease expert at the Mayo Clinic, predicted that humanity would deal with COVID “far beyond the lifespan of many next generations.”

“We are still immune to the 1918 flu virus aspect,” he said.

Spain says 70% of the population is fully vaccinated

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The United States is approaching the peak of delta waves, but the virus is expected to become endemic

Source link The United States is approaching the peak of delta waves, but the virus is expected to become endemic

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