The video shows the police waiting at school

Uvalde, Texas (AP)

On Tuesday, a new wave of anger struck Yuvarde over the surveillance footage of a police officer doing body armor milling in the corridor of Robb Elementary School.

A video released Tuesday by Austin American-Statesman is an 80-minute recording of one of the deadliest school shootings in US history, known for weeks. We gathered in the hallway, waited for more than an hour, then went inside and stopped the killing on May 24th.

However, previously unpublished footage of Uvalde in a small city in southern Texas, seven weeks after filming, was incomplete and sometimes inaccurate in accountability and accountability. It afflicted the inhabitants anew and called back. Hours after the video was released, some residents of the Uvalde City Council meeting said they could not watch the video.

Jesus Reso said that officers who are paid taxpayer dollars to protect people should not “sit there” when their children are at risk.

“You could have saved some lives. You could have held someone’s hand when they were dying,” he said. “Because they are dying, parents could have seen them again at the end.”

Others have demanded police impact and more information in investigations characterized by misleading statements that sometimes had to be withdrawn.

“Give these families a closure,” said Daniel Myers, a pastor of Uvalde, a friend of one of the victims’ families.

An investigative commission led by Texas parliamentarians will show a video to Uvarde residents for the first time on Sunday, in addition to sharing findings after weeks of private testimony from more than 40 witnesses. The plan was announced earlier.

“This was the least professional investigation or process I’ve ever seen,” Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin said in an interview with The Associated Press. “These families are constantly blind.”

The footage from the camera in the hallway of the school shows a gunman entering the building with an AR-15 style rifle, “Get off! Enter your room! Enter the room!”

A few minutes after the shooter entered, two policemen approached the classroom and escaped in a gunshot.

As the shooter first approaches the classroom, you can see the child down the hallway turning a corner and poking his head. Then, about 20 minutes before police broke the room, the video shows a man wearing a vest that says a “sheriff” is using a wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispenser.

According to officials, the 77-minute footage preparing to be released this weekend does not include images of children in the classroom. Republican Rep. Dustin Burrows, who is leading the investigation, said after the video was posted by Statesman, “it is also important to monitor all segments of law enforcement response, or its lack.”

However, the video alone cannot answer all the remaining questions (almost two months later) about the law enforcement response. Among them is how the school’s police chief, Pete Aledondo, was at the forefront of large-scale law enforcement, involving many local, state, and federal agencies.

State officials cast Arredondo as commander of the scene, saying his mistake delayed the killing of the shooter by police. But Aledondo told the Texas Tribune that he didn’t think he was in charge of the business, and that he assumed that someone else was in control of the law enforcement response. He didn’t have a police radio at the time.

The role of ranking field officers from other agencies, including the Texas Department of Public Safety, remains unclear. McLaughlin accused DPS of minimizing its involvement in the response and releasing an inaccurate timeline.

Written by tactical experts last week, criticisms of the police response requested by the DPS claimed that Uvalde police officers had the opportunity to fire at shooters before entering school. McLaughlin says the account was inaccurate.

“The only thing they keep doing is stacking up the facts they missed and throwing them out there to see what they stick to,” McLaughlin said.

In a statement, DPS director Steve McLaugh said the video provided “horrible evidence” that law enforcement actions had failed.

The video shows the police waiting at school

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