The virus may be behind a mysterious child’s hepatitis case: US agency

The CDC provides children with up-to-date vaccination information and provides parents and caregivers with precautionary measures such as hand hygiene, avoidance of sick people, coughing and sneezing cover, and avoidance of eye, nose and mouth contact. We recommend that you take it.

All nine Alabama infants affected by mysterious hepatitis (liver inflammation) were tested positive for a common pathogen called adenovirus 41, a study by a US health agency said. I said on Friday.

According to the World Health Organization, children aged about 1 to 6 years and previously all healthy have been included in about 170 cases in 11 countries in recent weeks. Another state, Wisconsin, is investigating death.

A new paper from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is specifically about Alabama clusters, despite ongoing research nationwide.

“At this time, we believe that adenovirus may be the cause of these reported cases, but other potential environmental and contextual factors are still under investigation,” the CDC said in a statement accompanying the study. Said.

Adenovirus 41 is known to cause gastroenteritis in children, but “usually not known to cause hepatitis in healthy children,” the agency said.

However, the study ruled out other common exposures, including COVID. Hepatitis viruses A, B, and C (the most common causes of hepatitis in the United States); Autoimmune hepatitis And Wilson’s disease.

Nine cases in Alabama occurred between October 2021 and February 2022. Three experienced acute liver failure, two of which were necessary. Liver transplant..

“All patients, including two transplant recipients, have recovered or are recovering,” the newspaper said.

Six were positive for Epstein-Barr virus but had no antibodies. This means a previous infection and is inactive.

Prior to admission, most children experienced vomiting and diarrhea, but some experienced upper respiratory tract symptoms. During hospitalization, most people had yellow eyes, yellow skin (jaundice), and enlarged liver.

Last week, the CDC issued a health warning to notify doctors and public health authorities to pay attention to similar cases.

Wisconsin is investigating four cases, including two children with serious consequences. Liver transplant And one dead. Cases have also been reported in Illinois and elsewhere.

The CDC keeps children up-to-date on vaccinations and encourages parents and guardians to take the following precautions: Hand hygieneAvoid sick people, cover coughing and sneezing, and avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.

Adenovirus is usually spread by close personal contact, respiratory droplets and surfaces. There are more than 50 types of adenovirus, most commonly causing the common cold, but also many other illnesses.

Alabama cases of acute hepatitis in children show a link to the virus: CDC

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The virus may be behind a mysterious child’s hepatitis case: US agency

Source link The virus may be behind a mysterious child’s hepatitis case: US agency

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