The world’s first commercial reprogrammable satellite explodes into space

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The world’s first fully reprogrammable commercial satellite was mounted on the Ariane 5 rocket on Friday to take off from French Guiana, ushering in a new era of more flexible communications.

Unlike traditional models, which are designed and “hard-wired” on Earth and cannot be reused once in orbit, Eutelsat Quantum allows users to adjust their communications to their needs in most cases. real time..

The satellite will be put into orbit about 36 minutes after launch.

Quantum can be reprogrammed while orbiting a fixed location 35,000 km (22,000 miles) above Earth to meet changing demand. Data transmission According to the European Space Agency, secure communications for a lifetime of 15 years.

The 3.5-ton Quantum model has eight communication beams, each of which can be modified to change the coverage area and the power of the emitted communication signal.

According to Eutelsat, these changes can be made “in minutes” using software available to customers.

This means that satellites can be used to provide mobile coverage for moving objects such as aircraft and ocean-going vessels, and to provide coverage for post-natural disasters and one-off events.

Also, with growing concerns about digital security and the potential for weaponization of space, Quantum will take steps to identify the source of the transmitted signal, whether malicious or not, and correct the interference. can do.

Quantum covers a wide geographic area from West Africa to Asia for 15 years.

The world’s first reprogammabble commercial satellite is launched

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The world’s first commercial reprogrammable satellite explodes into space

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