TheLines: The Resting NFL Team Brings New Dynamic to the Week 7 Match

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How the NFL team runs off the goodbye week is often discussed in betting circles, especially by those looking for value.According to this could be some factor in the NFL’s 7th week game linesTrack the odds of the US regulated sports betting market.

NS Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints, New York Jets, When San Francisco 49ers The 49ers (-4), Saints (-3.5), and Falcons (-2) are popular in the game for the seventh week, according to the consensus of the largest legal online sportsbook in the United States. Bet America, BetMGM, Caesar, Draft Kings, FanDuel, PointsBet, Sugar house, When Univet..

Meanwhile, Jet, who is struggling, is a weak 7-pointer against the New England Patriots.

According to data from, the NFL team leaving the goodbye week since 2011 is 202-165-1 against spreads The road favorites coming from goodbye will be saints and hawks in the 7th week, which is 65% of the spread.

Individual coaches are also doing well. Bill Belichick is 13-9 after Byweek and Andy Reid is 15-7, but both coaches are consistently winners regardless of schedule. Jets, on the other hand, is only 2-8 against the post-buy week spread since 2011, the worst record for the NFL team in that span.

Brett Corson, Lead Analyst commented: Anyway, under certain circumstances, the goodbye week is worth taking into account. “

As of Monday, October 18th, the game consensus points for the 7th week will increase.

  • Cleveland Browns Denver Broncos (-4.5); 43+ / Under
  • Green Bay Packers Washington Football Team (-9.5); 49+ / Under
  • Kansas City Chiefs of the Tennessee Titans (-4.5). 56.5 or more / or less
  • Miami Dolphins Atlanta Falcons (-2). 47.5 or more / or less
  • New England Patriots New York Jets (-7); 42.5 and above / below
  • Carolina Panthers of the New York Giants (-3). 44 years old or older / under
  • Cincinnati Bengals of Bolchimo Ravens (-6.5); 47.5 and below /
  • Las Vegas Raiders Philadelphia Eagles (-3); 48.5 and above / below
  • Detroit Lions, Los Angeles Rams (-15.5); 50+ / Under 50
  • Arizona Cardinals Houston Texans (-17); 47.5 and below
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers Chicago Bears (-13.5); 48.5 and above / below
  • San Francisco 49ers Indianapolis Colts (-4); 45+ / Under
  • Seattle Seahawks New Orleans Saints (-3.5). 444 or more / less

TheLines: The Resting NFL Team Brings New Dynamic to the Week 7 Match

Source link TheLines: The Resting NFL Team Brings New Dynamic to the Week 7 Match

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