There is no evidence that immigrants have spread the virus significantly at the border

Austin, Texas (AP) —Republican Governor Greg Abbott terminated coronavirus regulation in Texas on Wednesday because of opposition from public health authorities, causing COVID-19 to virus immigrants across the U.S.-Mexico border. Attempted to shift concerns about the spread of. If there is no evidence, they are important factors.

The focus on immigrant families by Abbott and other Republicans has garnered criticism for evoking a long history in the United States that immigrants falsely suggest spreading the disease.

Starting Wednesday, there are two pressures on the Texas border as state residents no longer need to wear face coverings after eight months under the obligation of masks. Infection levels in this area remain higher than in most other areas, and the rise in immigrants is now overwhelming federal detention centers.

As Abbott and Democratic President Joe Biden vie for who is responsible for helping them, arriving migrants who test positive are being taken to a local hotel for quarantine.

Border doctors are threatening a vulnerable decline in COVID-19 cases, fearing that Abbott will soon abolish coronavirus precautions. They say they are also worried about the surge in immigrants to the border, but they are far from the biggest factor in containing the spread of the virus.

“That’s not trivial,” said Dr. James Castillo, public health official in Cameron County, Rio Grande Valley, Texas.

“Is it the number one source of infection for our entire community?” He said, referring to immigrants arriving with the virus. “No, it’s probably one source, there are different sources, and it’s a shame to lift the restrictions and create a new one.”

Abbott announced last week that Texas would be fully reopened, under pressure from conservatives to lift COVID restrictions, to be fully operational at restaurants, bars and large rallies that were considered dangerous. .. Biden criticized this decision as “Neanderthal thinking,” and Abbott said that Biden would “make COVID-positive illegal immigrants in our state” by easing some of former President Donald Trump’s toughest border policies. I released it, “and counterattacked.

Abbott rejected the Biden administration’s offer to assist with immigration testing and quarantine, saying the job belongs entirely to the federal government.

“The federal government is responsible for funding the inspection of those who come here with a COVID,” Abbott said during a trip to the border on Tuesday.

His office did not answer the question immediately on Wednesday.

The Department of Homeland Security said it would fully invest in migrant inspection, quarantine, and quarantine, but Abbott had to approve.

“I hope Governor Abbott will reconsider his decision to reject the DHS agreement with the Texas municipality, which will allow the very test of the immigrant family that Governor Abbott says he wants. “The authorities said.

According to border authorities, there are three types of immigrants entering South Texas. Those who have participated in President Donald Trump’s “Stay in Mexico” program, are waiting for the date of the Immigration Court and must be negative on the test, or are detained by a child border guard without a parent or guardian. And immigrant parents with young children. Hundreds of immigrant families live every day in some cities.

Two Texas HHS contractors who aren’t allowed to talk to the media say that children’s positive rates are generally below 8%, lower than current state-wide testing rates. Children who test positive are quarantined until the virus is gone.

The prevalence of all migrants arriving is lower than in Texas as a whole, says nonprofits servicing local officials and their families.

In the border city of Brownsville, Mayor Tremendes said last week that about 6% of migrants tested positive at a local bus stop. In McAllen, Sister Norma Pimentel of the local Catholic Charities branch said that about one family in a group of 100 people was usually positive and was instructed to quarantine at a local hotel.

In both Cameron and Hidalgo counties, where Brownsville and McAllen are located, the test positive rate is currently around 10%.

Many cities and local groups need more help as more immigrants arrive, hoping that they will be more likely to enter the United States under the new administration.

In Del Rio, a non-profit organization called the Barberde Border Humanitarian Union accepted more than 460 people throughout February and then nearly 200 people in the first few days of March alone. The group does not have access to the tests, but relies on border guards to let them know if anyone released to them has signs of infection, said Tiffany Burrow, Group Operations Director.

Dr. Ivan Melendez, a health official in Hidalgo County, said that currently about 10 people die instead of 50 per day. He criticized Abbott for lifting Mask’s obligations, but said the arrival of migrants was also a concern.

“The reality of that is that you can’t have an influx of thousands of people into your community during a pandemic,” he said.

US Congressman Henry Cuellar, a longtime Border Democrat from Laredo, Texas, criticized the Biden administration for rolling back immigration policy during the Trump era too early and opening more detention facilities too late. did.

“When you become president, you own failure or you own success,” he said. “It can’t be helped.

But Quera also criticized immigrants, especially those who “tried to arouse fear” about their children.

“If you’re afraid of a 7-year-old little kid, you’re afraid of your shadow,” he said.

There is no evidence that immigrants have spread the virus significantly at the border

Source link There is no evidence that immigrants have spread the virus significantly at the border

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