These euphoria episode summary videos on TikTok are hilarious

I hope you can see it. “Euphoria“If you don’t have an HBO Max subscription, just turn your attention to TikTok. A group of college friends will be viral in the app, Season 2 episodes of the teen drama series, And the video is a chaotic, Emmy-worthy masterpiece.It’s all about Belmont University student Rachel Campbell and her friends “Euphoria” Season 2 Premier Because of her Snapchat story, she ended up posting a 19-second clip on TikTok. Thousands of views were instantly received, with many comments such as “I think we’ll have one next week, thank you” and “Please do this for each episode.” So they obliged.

Now it’s a weekly routine: Every Sunday nightCampbell and about 15 of her college friends Costumes inspired by their best “euphoria” Gather together to watch the latest episode. “During the show, we are always out of breath every 5 seconds. So many shocking moments“She tells POPSUGAR. “There’s a lot of ideas flowing through the episode, and then you have to think about what the big moment was, or even the weird details you noticed.” So far, some of those “strange details” Include a close-up of Kathy and Maddy high heels Nate and Lou are riding their bikes and pulling their rolling suitcases at the same time, sprinting through the hospital corridor.Campbell always sets their video to Labyrinth’s “Forever”, regardless of the scene they highlight. “Euphoria” soundtrack Really set the tone.

The speed at which the group creates each snippet is also commendable. From start to finish, Campbell says it usually takes about 30 minutes to plan, capture, and post a weekly summary. This is very impressive considering the amount of detail contained. So far, their videos have been viewed more than 10 million times, according to Campbell, and the comments section is “a big chat room for people talking about episodes.” To take part in the fun every Sunday night Hit Campbell with TikTok’s followAnd catch up with the first four summaries and see her friends doing a carefree spin.EuphoriaThe second installment full of drama.

These euphoria episode summary videos on TikTok are hilarious

Source link These euphoria episode summary videos on TikTok are hilarious

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