Think Twice Before Deciding to Call off Your Wedding

The reason why you get engaged is to have a chance to get to know your partner better. Since you’re not yet officially married, you still have a way out. You could call off the wedding if you realize something in the middle of your relationship. However, before you get there, make sure you think twice. It is also the goal of an engagement for couples to understand each other better and get through the challenges.

Getting into a fight is normal

Just because you got into a fight with your partner doesn’t mean you have to end the relationship. If you can’t handle minor disagreements, imagine how much worse it is when you’re in a marriage. Get yourself used to it now since your partnership won’t have a smooth road. There will be more significant challenges ahead, and you’re getting tested on handling the problem.

Discovering something terrible doesn’t mean you chose the wrong person.

You felt excited when you decided to propose. You even took the time to find the perfect jewelry stores in Florida because you want to spend the result of your life with your girlfriend. However, during the engagement, you discovered something terrible. It might be a quality that your partner didn’t show you before your engagement. Accept that you also have negative attributes. You can’t call it quits just because you discovered something you dislike. Instead, find a way to get through the differences and build a better relationship.

You don’t want to throw away years of being together

You already went through a lot to be with your partner. The relationship didn’t take an easy path, but you decided to keep going. Despite the challenges, you survived, and you are where you are now. Hence, it makes no sense to throw away several years of being together. Instead, work the differences out and consider them a part of the challenges you will eventually survive. Imagine if you decide to call off the wedding, you can’t bring back what you already lost.

Never decide at the peak of your emotions

As always, you can never make decisions when you’re at the top of your emotions. It won’t lead to anything good. You might even regret what you said as soon as you said it. So take your time to calm down and think things through. Eventually, you will realize that you didn’t mean what you said or better ways to phrase your thoughts.

Always be honest

Trust and transparency are a foundation of an excellent relationship. Make sure you have an honest relationship with your partner and do not hide anything. If you feel terrible because of how things are, be open about it. You would instead express frustrations earlier in the relationship than wait for your feelings to build up. Your partner probably feels the same. If you can talk it out, you will be in much better shape moving forward.

Hopefully, you don’t make a decision you will regret later. Getting married is a tough choice, but you already decided to get engaged. Now isn’t the time to give up.

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