Thousands affected when the earthquake struck Guatemala

The quake caused damage to the San Juan Obispo Church in Amatitlán, south of Guatemala City.

A magnitude 6.2 earthquake that struck western Guatemala earlier Wednesday affected nearly 25,000 people and one had a fatal heart attack, officials said.

The epicenter of the quake was 84 km (52 ​​miles) deep and was located in the coastal area of ​​Escuintla, less than 100 km southwest of the capital city of Guatemala.

According to the US Geological Survey, it was measured to be 6.2, but Guatemalan authorities estimated it to be 6.8, with an aftershock of 4.8.

Earthquakes cause landslides on roads, damage to houses, Power outage According to rescue teams, it affects about 24,800 people.

50 year old female heart attack In a village west of the capital, authorities linked to the quake without specifying a method.

Guatemala Earthquake

A map of Guatemala identifying the epicenter of a magnitude 6.2 earthquake on February 16, 2022.

The tremors were felt southeast of Guatemala and up to El Salvador south of Mexico.

Firefighters also reported that a landslide occurred on the road from the capital to Antigua, Guatemala’s main tourist city.

Central American countries located at the three confluences Structural plateIn the danger zone of an earthquake.

Last year, more than 125 earthquakes were recorded in Guatemala, with no deaths or serious damage.

A strong earthquake hits the east coast of Taiwan

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Thousands affected when the earthquake struck Guatemala

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