Thousands are facing evictions as the moratorium expires

Lee County

Thousands of southwestern Floridians are at risk of losing their homes at the end of the eviction moratorium on Saturday.

Created last year to help lessees who were late in the pandemic, it was extended three times. Currently, the White House, Congress, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are calling on each other to expand it again.

The Bumpas family is one of those on the road to becoming homeless. They haven’t paid rent for five months since Jeremy was fired. At the end of the moratorium, they are worried that the next peasant eviction will be.

“I’m from California. I’m not here, so I don’t have a family. I don’t have a backup plan or plan B. I don’t have family or friends,” Jeremy said.

According to the report, 15 million Americans are on the same ship and more than 13,000 households in southwestern Florida are delinquent in rent. National Equity Atlas..

Lee County is the most common, with more than 7,000 households delinquent in rent. Glaze County is the least, less than 100.

Diane Jenter, President and CEO of the National Low-Income Housing Coalition, said:

Tenants are not the only ones at risk. COVID-19 also caused damage to the landlord. A federal ban on foreclosures that protect homeowners like Tina Brown with government-sponsored loans will also expire on Saturday.

“It’s scary to deal with the possibility of losing your property,” she said.

The clock is engraved with a different extension number.

Meanwhile, local food banks and shelters are preparing for the end of the Moratorium. The House of St. Matthew expects to see more people come in need of food and shelter.

Thousands are facing evictions as the moratorium expires

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