Thousands of baptisms were believed to be invalid after the priest used the wrong word for decades.

The reason why the Arizona-based priest recently resigned is a two-letter word. Rev. Andres Arango, a priest of the Parish of Phoenix, baptized hundreds of times with the wrong wording, according to the parish. He used the words “I” and “us” interchangeably throughout his religious career until June 17, 2021. However, the rules regarding the use of baptismal ceremonies are strict. So this means that anyone who was baptized by Rev. Andres before that day is likely to have to undergo the sacred ordinance again.

In an open letter, Rev. Andres said, “I am sad to know that as a priest, I regularly used the wrong formula to perform invalid baptisms throughout my missionary service.” “I deeply regret my mistakes and how this affected many people in your parish and elsewhere.”

What happened?

Rev. Andres was accustomed to using the phrase “baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit” when baptizing in English and Spanish. However, in the ritual, it turned out that the word “us” was actually the word “me”.

The Diocese of Phoenix explained why differentiation is important in responding to the situation.

“It is not the community that baptizes a person and incorporates it into the church of Christ. Rather, it is Christ who presides over all the sacraments, only Christ. Therefore, it is Christ who baptizes,” says the parish. increase. Written on their site.. “The baptism formula (the word used in the ritual) has always been followed for this reason, so it is clear that we are baptized through Jesus, not the community.”

What’s next?

For each NPR Parish spokesperson They said they believed that Rev. Andres “has been using the wrong language since his priesthood began in 1995.” In addition, a spokesman said he believed that thousands of people were affected by the use of wrong words. To correct his mistake, Rev. Andres resigned as Rev. of St. Gregory’s Parish in Phoenix on February 1, 2022.

“With the help of the Holy Spirit, and in collaboration with the Diocese of Phoenix, I devote my energy and a full-time ministry to improve this and help heal the affected people.” Rev. Les said.

And the healing they may need.Apparently, invalid baptism can be complicated Other rituals. The parish said on their site that baptism is “a door that gives access to other sacraments.” So, even if the correct language is used, baptismal failure can have a spillover effect on other sacraments.

“Therefore, as an entrance to other communions, invalid baptism invalidates subsequent communions, especially confirmation, marriage, and sacred orders (priesthood or ordination to the deacon),” the parish said. rice field.

For now, religious groups are working with Rev. Andres and his former parish to address this issue by notifying baptized individuals within an invalid time frame. They also set up a web page with contact emails, frequently asked questions, and an online form that people who were accidentally baptized by Father Andres could fill out.

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Thousands of baptisms were believed to be invalid after the priest used the wrong word for decades.

Source link Thousands of baptisms were believed to be invalid after the priest used the wrong word for decades.

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