Three weeks before the match, Japan is uncertain about the fans – NBC4 Washington

Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga is still uncertain whether he can allow fans at the Tokyo Olympics, as concerns are rising about an increase in COVID-19 cases on Thursday, just three weeks before the match. It was.

Incidents in Tokyo are steadily increasing, raising concerns that games may accelerate the spread of the coronavirus. Experts warn that the highly contagious Delta strain can cause a rapid recurrence of the infection and may require another emergency during the game starting July 23.

“We have made it clear that there may be no spectators,” Suga said, citing the increase in case roads in Tokyo. “We will take steps to prioritize the safety and security of people.”

Tokyo confirmed 673 new cases on Wednesday. This is the 12th consecutive day of weekly increase.

Dr. Kaku Mitsuo, a medical adviser to Tokyo, said at a weekly meeting Thursday that Tokyo is in a “crisis situation” as Delta variants are causing a surge.

The two-month emergency in Tokyo and other metropolitan areas was downgraded by Suga on June 21st, making it a less stringent measure focused on reducing bar and restaurant times by July 11. It was.

He said he would decide what to do next week. This is a decision that affects the audience of the game.

Last week, the organizers decided to allow up to 10,000 spectators or 50% of the venue’s capacity if emergency measures were lifted before the match. Following criticism and concern from experts and the general public, government officials later said they would accept the absence of fans if the infection worsened.

According to experts, given the status of the virus, it is unlikely that the countermeasures will be lifted, with more than 1,000 cases per day before the Olympics, and delays in countermeasures could lead to a rapid increase during the game. There is.

Mr. Suga said the audience’s decision must be made by meetings with four parties: the Organizing Committee, Tokyo, the International Olympic Committee and the Paralympic Committee. A five-party meeting will be held after the decision on emergency measures next week, but he didn’t say one day.

Other senior members of Suga’s ruling coalition have also begun to propose the option of having no spectators. Natsuo Yamaguchi, leader of the Komeito Party, a small coalition of the Liberal Democratic Party, called on the government on Thursday to “consider options without spectators and promptly inform the public.”

Three weeks before the match, Japan is uncertain about the fans – NBC4 Washington

Source link Three weeks before the match, Japan is uncertain about the fans – NBC4 Washington

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