Tiffany Haddish facing the crime of drunk driving in Georgia

It is always important not to drive under the influence of roommates, drugs or alcohol. Or drive exhausted. This morning, comedian Tiffany Haddish couldn’t get off to a great start to her day in Georgia.according to TMZShe was arrested earlier this morning in Fayette County, 40 miles south of Atlanta, and is facing driving on suspicion of drunk driving (DUI) after authorities say she is dozing in the driver’s seat.

Tiffany was arrested after Peachtree City’s PD police officer answered a phone call looking for a driver who allegedly fell asleep while driving. Officers claim to have found a Tiffany car pulled in a neighborhood that matches the description of the vehicle in question. Police officers believe she was smoking marijuana when she was arrested. People from Los Angeles didn’t stay in the police for a long time. She was reportedly put in jail for several hours and imprisoned a $ 1,666 deposit at around 6:30 am.

Recently, Tiffany has been quiet on social media, but it took time to share condolences until late. Bob Saget.. As previously reported, the comedian died on January 9th. He was found dead during a comedy tour in a hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton, Orlando, Florida. Today he was set aside to rest at a small ceremony in Los Angeles. Bob’s close friends attended, including Full House co-stars John Stamos, Dave Coulier, Candace Cameronble, Jodie Sweetin, Lori Loughlin, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Tiffany also condolences to music producer Carl Craig. Tiffany wrote a note on Instagram four days ago, writing: When I first met you, we laughed for three hours. It was in 2004. You have taught me a lot about this business. You protected me, pushed me, scolded me, advised me, and blessed me. I love you, and I keep you in my memory and mind RIP “Tiffany isn’t talking about arrests, but if she does, we’ll keep you up to date increase!

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Tiffany Haddish facing the crime of drunk driving in Georgia

Source link Tiffany Haddish facing the crime of drunk driving in Georgia

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