Tigers found in Highway 6 and the Houston Roaming District of the Memorial Area

Houston, Texas-Neighbors were shocked to see a tiger crawling outside their home in Houston, Texas on Sunday night.

Police say they received a call about the tiger in the front yard of their neighbor around 8 pm local time.

But by the time they arrived, the tigers were gone.

“It has a collar. It’s someone’s pet,” witness Maria Torres said while filming a video of a wild cat.

The video shows a neighbor grab a tiger with something that looks like a collar and guide it home.

At some point, the animal was taken inside after another man appeared to point his gun at the animal.

Neighbors told police that someone in a white car managed to put the animal under control and take it away.

It is still unknown where the animals came from and who was responsible, but police are investigating.

Previous wild encounter in Houston

Houston can be largely a vast international city, but there are a significant proportion of tiger examples in this city.

In May 2019, a tiger was found caged in a garage in southwest Houston.

Houston police arrested former owner Brittany Garza, who was then accused of cruelty to animals. She told her sister station, KTRK-TV, that she raised a tiger that he called “Raja” from an early age. But as Raja began to grow, she knew it was time to find a new place to live for him.

Garza made an arrangement with the Sanctuary and claimed to have kept the animals in his friend’s house until they were able to move. But someone else found a tiger in the garage before he was moved.

The tiger is eventually taken to Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Lunch in Murchison, Texas, where it is said to live the rest of his life.

From May 2019: Tiger owners arrested for leaving wild cats in cages in a vacant Houston home

Is it possible to keep exotic animals in the Texas or Houston city limits?

According to KTRK, in Texas, owners of “dangerous wildlife” must register with a municipal or county animal office or sheriff.

Dangerous animals include lions, tigers, oselots, cougars, leopards, cheetahs, jaguars, bobcats, lynxes, servals, caracals, hyenas, bears, coyotes, jackals, baboons, chimpanzees, orangtans, and gorillas.

However, the municipality can also ban the possession of these animals.

And for those who want to own dangerous wildlife on the Houston city border, nothing can be done. It’s illegal.

Violations are misdemeanors that can be punished with a fine of $ 500 to $ 2,000.

Texas Exotic Pet Law: Fury Friends You Can’t Have In Houston

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Tigers found in Highway 6 and the Houston Roaming District of the Memorial Area

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