Time crystals that last indefinitely at room temperature have the potential to be applied in precise timekeeping

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Whether it’s a simple salt or sugar grain or an elaborate and beautiful amethyst, we’ve all seen crystals. These crystals are made up of atoms or molecules that repeat in a symmetrical three-dimensional pattern called a lattice, which occupies a specific point in space. For example, the carbon atoms of diamond break the symmetry of the space in which they are placed by forming a periodic lattice. Physicists call this “symmetry breaking”.

Scientists have recently discovered that similar effects could eventually be witnessed. As the name implies, symmetry breaking can only occur if some kind of symmetry is present.In Time domainA cyclically changing force or energy source naturally produces a temporal pattern.

Symmetry breaking occurs when a system driven by such a force faces déjà vu, no In the same cycle as that of force. “Time crystals” have been pursued as a new phase of matter for the past decade, but have recently been observed under elaborate experimental conditions in isolated systems. These experiments require very low temperatures or other harsh conditions to minimize unwanted external effects called noise.

In order for scientists to learn more about time crystals and harness the potential of the technology, they need to find ways to generate and stabilize time crystal states outside the laboratory.

State-of-the-art research published this week, led by the University of California, Riverside Nature Communications We are currently observing time crystals in a system that is not isolated from the surrounding environment. This great achievement brings scientists one step closer to the development of time crystals for use in. Real application..

“When an experimental system exchanges energy with its surroundings, dissipation and noise work together to disrupt temporal order,” said Marlan and Rosemary Bones, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of California, Riverside. The author, Hossein Taheri, said. Faculty of Engineering. “On our photonic platform, the system balances gain and loss to create and store time crystals.”

The all-optical time crystal is realized using a disk-shaped magnesium fluoride glass resonator with a diameter of 1 mm. When two people fire Laser beam, Researchers have observed fractional harmonic spikes, or frequency tones, between two laser beams. This shows the breaking of time symmetry and the formation of time crystals.

The UCR-led team used a technique of self-injection locking the two lasers into a resonator to achieve environmental impact robustness. The time-repeating state characteristics of this system can be easily measured in the frequency domain. Therefore, the proposed platform simplifies the study of this new material stage.

You can move your system out of a complex lab for field applications without the need for low temperatures. One such application is a very accurate time measurement. Since frequency and time are mathematically opposite, frequency measurement accuracy enables accurate time measurement.

“We hope this photonic system can be used with a compact and lightweight high frequency source with excellent stability and accurate timekeeping,” says Taheli.

Open access Nature Communications The title of the dissertation is “All Light Dissipation Discrete” Time crystalTaheli is Andrey B. Matsko of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and OEwaves Inc of Pasadena, California. Lute Maleki from Poland, Krzysztof Sacha from Jagiellonian University in Poland participated in the study.

First experimental realization of dissipative time crystals

For more information:
Hossein Taheri et al, Total Dissipative Discrete Time Crystal, Nature Communications (2022). DOI: 10.1038 / s41467-022-28462-x

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Time crystals that last indefinitely at room temperature have the potential to be applied in precise timekeeping

Source link Time crystals that last indefinitely at room temperature have the potential to be applied in precise timekeeping

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