Tinashe’s “Naturally” Video Mirror The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

If you plan to have a snack in a bucket of popcorn while watching Tinashe’s new music video, be prepared to fly those butter kernels. wherever.. With an artistic flare demonstration and proof that the visuals don’t necessarily have to match the audio when it comes to music, Tinashe has released a chilling music video for her new song “Naturally.” Her album “333 (Deluxe)”. Packed with horrifying metaphors Horror classic favorite “Devil’s sacrifice“And” saw “, the shocking video is bloody from start to finish.

Perfect for any appetizer Horror movie marathonThe “Naturally” video begins with the same disturbing sound that has been played in almost every horror movie since the genre was first created. The video of a cow’s skull being scarecrowed on his head is “Bouncen” singer Take a walk in a disturbing and quiet field full of sheep. Wearing a pre-Civil War southern gown, Tinashe heads to the barn, dragging a bag of bloody burlap back.

Tinashe, eager to get rid of her body, Inspired by “Dexter” The barn is covered with a plastic tarpaulin, which makes it easy to clean and chop your body with an ax. After licking blood from her gloves and making an amazing laugh, she put blood and oranges in the tub, soaked some strawberries and enjoyed the treat. As you know, a casual afternoon on Tuesday. “I didn’t expect this at all, but I’m eating right away !!!! Her creativity and originality are unmatched !!! 😭❤️❤️❤️,” a fan commented on YouTube. ..

During the moment of sinister laughter and bloody desires, Tinashe also squeezed some terrible choreography with her fellow cowboy, the most disturbing but impressive we’ve seen all year round. We provide one of the best music videos. Do you have a nightmare? probably. But we definitely don’t say no to the sequel. Take some time and be mentally prepared — it’s a wild ride — and watch Tinashe’s full “naturally” video here.

Tinashe’s “Naturally” Video Mirror The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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