Tisha Campbell responds to backlash regarding trafficking allegations

Tisha Campbell It’s cleaning the air about what happened after she claimed to have been the majority victim of trafficking earlier this week.Tisha continued to face repulsion TMZ To explain what happened. As she said earlier on Instagram, she details calling a taxi because there was no Uber available in the area. As the taxi approached Tisha, a man jumped out of the backseat and ordered her to take a van. However, Tisha knew that things weren’t right, so it became noisy and the scene got a lot of attention.

Initially reported, Tisha was in Brownsville, Texas, and the actress stated that the film she shot was in the city, but the incident occurred in Marriott, South Padre Island. In an interview with TMZ, she revealed that a police report had been submitted to South Padre police. The actress has something to say about the incident, and she says she’s dealing with the trauma as she protects herself and encourages the victims to speak in their voice.

“That’s why it’s important for women of all kinds and the general public to speak reliably. People don’t believe in you, are beaten, or are afraid of such things. So you know you’ll be silent soon. It’s very difficult to do, but you should do it. “Tisha went on to say,” What are you doing, sexual harassment, rape, trafficking, etc. It doesn’t matter. “

Tisha finished the interview with 10 toes on her message and it was very clear that people were needed to ensure that she took care of herself and their loved ones. She also advised people to be aware of potentially bad situations and to educate themselves.

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Tisha Campbell responds to backlash regarding trafficking allegations

Source link Tisha Campbell responds to backlash regarding trafficking allegations

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