Tom Holland confirms another Spider-Man movie trilogy

Spiderman Fans will be thrilled to know that we haven’t seen the last Tom holland At the Marvel Universe! Spider-Man: Noway Homes The star actor has already been confirmed to return to the movie franchise, and his future looks pretty bright. According to film producer Amy Pascal, Sony will not only continue to collaborate with Marvel Studios. Spiderman The movie, they are all reported to star in the Netherlands too!

“This is not the last movie we make with Marvel — [this is not] last Spiderman “Movie” and she Revealed in an interview With fandango. “We are preparing to make the following: Spiderman Movie with Tom holland And Marvel. Think of this as three movies and move on to the next three. This is not the end of our MCU movie. “

under consideration Spider-Man: No Way Home I was supposed to finish the movie trilogy at Marvel Studios, but getting yet another movie set from this wonderful collaboration with the Netherlands is certainly a big problem.But before the Netherlands embarked on the next chapter Spiderman At the Marvel franchise, you first have to see him deal with the multiverse plot in the next movie, which will be featured after his cover has been blown away. Spider-Man: Far from home..Tickets Spider-Man: No Way Home It’s officially on sale, so it’s a good idea to make it available prior to the movie’s premiere.

Tom Holland confirms another Spider-Man movie trilogy

Source link Tom Holland confirms another Spider-Man movie trilogy

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