Top 10 halloween drinking games that will make you mumble

Are you dreaming of making Halloween an unforgettable holiday? Try alcohol Halloween drinking party games. Of course, these games are not for children – for them alcohol can be replaced with sweets. The atmosphere of a dark holiday can be present in everything: in self-made alcoholic drinks, expensive cocktails, mystical music, horror films, unusual clothes and creepy make-up. You will remember this Halloween for a very long time and the memories will be pleasant.

Here are ten of the best halloween party drinking games that are very popular at parties associated with this holiday.

Top 10 halloween drinking games that will make you mumble

10. Alcohol games and horror movies

The essence of the game is pretty simple. Agree in advance on what points in the movie everyone needs to drink, and just do it. I assure you that you will not be bored. And if you are too scared, then after such a game it will become at least a little more fun.

9. Alcoholic bingo

Make or buy the strongest drink you can drink. And arrange to have a drink whenever an event happens during the Halloween party – for example, someone rings the phone or the doorbell, or two of the same creepy characters appear at the party. This one is simple, but a very fun game will please everyone. And the stronger the drink you make, the more fun it will become. Another type of Halloween gambling, can be a game of online slots for free. By the way, you can play slots on the theme of Halloween or horror, which will help maintain the atmosphere of the holiday. You can set the same rules, for example: everyone drinks when a bat appears on the reel or someone wins the jackpot.

8. Beer table tennis tournament with “eyes”

Everyone knows the rules of beer ping-pong. However, on Halloween, you can add a little innovation to this game. All that is required is to replace the table tennis balls with the creepy rubber or plastic eyes that are sold among other souvenirs for this holiday. The effect will be amazing.

7. Cocktail competition

Cocktails this evening should be special. A cherry can be shaped like an eye, tomato juice – in the form of freshly shed blood. There are many other interesting ideas. All this will look creepy, disgusting, but at the same time delicious and insanely fun. You can award the winner with the best drink you can get from a hypermarket or specialty alcohol store.

6. Drunk apples

A simple rocking installation is mounted from a container with water, bottles with alcohol and apples. Players must try to grab an apple or a bottle. Despite the seeming simplicity of this action, it is rather difficult to do it. And of course, all the participants and spectators will have real fun. The prize in this game can be a snatched apple or a bottle, depending on your preferences.

5. Drunk quiz

Several people or several teams participate in the game. In fact, this is an ordinary quiz, only dedicated to “dark” topics. You can ask questions about the history of Halloween, mysterious events that happened in the old days and in the modern era, mysterious figures who lived in the past, etc. Those who answered this or that question incorrectly will have to drink alcohol.

4. Flip the glass

During this game, music should sound. While it is playing, players must move around the table with glasses or cups, performing some kind of dance. After turning off the music recording, each player must drink alcohol from a nearby vessel and turn it over. The one who did it later than everyone else is eliminated from the game.

3. Good and bad witches

The game comes down to what kind of alcoholic drink each of the participants will drink. To find out, players toss a coin in the air and watch which side it falls up. Depending on the result, the player can drink either a delicious light cocktail or strong alcohol.

2. The mummy

Players are divided into teams of two or more people. One player on the team plays a mummy, the rest try to wrap it in toilet paper. Players who finish later will be forced to drink alcohol. And “mummies” can walk the streets after the game, frightening passers-by. And no one in this game will get bored.

1. The skeleton

Doctors or medical students have a great chance of winning this game. The essence of the game is that the presenter points to the bones of the skeleton, starting from the skull. Whoever could not name the specified bone first drinks alcohol.


Best of all, games with alcohol on Halloween are held with good acquaintances and close friends. By organizing any of these halloween drinking games, you can assume what exactly will please the invited people whom you have known for a very long time. Some will prefer table tennis with “eyes” instead of a ball, others will enjoy an exciting quiz. Someone is fond of making cocktails, while others enjoy fun dance competitions. When there are too many guests, you can divide them into groups, and let each group play something different.

However, one should not think that such games are not suitable for newcomers. The presence of alcohol will make guests relaxed, making the atmosphere of the party much warmer and more friendly. It is possible that Halloween spent in this way will become an occasion for new acquaintances.



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