Top 5 Ruskin Bond Books for Kids

I am sure this is one name in the literary world which needs no introduction. Ruskin Bond has been a celebrated writer ever since his first novel, The Room on the Roof, was published when he was 21.

We all know that early childhood is a good time to introduce books and inculcate reading habit in the kids, since books are known to impart knowledge, teach morals, and enhance vocabulary.  Ever since I was a kid, I took an instant liking to Ruskin Bond’s books and his writing style since it seemed just right in content and understanding for my age.  Rightly so!  He so very creatively authored inspiring children’s books and was also awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award to honor his literary creations.

Here is our pick of his top 5 books that will delight kids and send them on a reading spree!  Let’s get started.

1 The Blue Umbrella:

This story is all about a young girl and her blue umbrella, gifted to her by tourists, which becomes the talk of the town, and a fascination for a local shopkeeper, Ram Bharosa, who wants to own the umbrella at any cost. Even if it means he has to steal it!

The story emphasises the negative effects of bragging and jealousy, while reiterating how caring, sharing, and empathy can make someone truly stand out from a crowd.

2 Ghost Trouble:

Don’t mistake it for a horror story!  It is the story that revolves around a playful and harmless ghost, Pret, who initially lives in a peepal tree.  However, due to effects of deforestation he loses his dwelling and seeks shelter in a boy’s house, only to become good friends with him.

While this story will delight the young ones and get their imagination to run wild, it will also give them an insight into how human activity can torment the various elements of nature.

3 The Cherry Tree:

Our third pick has Rakesh as the protagonist who lovingly nurtures and protects the little plant, until it become a sight to behold.

This story is bound to inculcate  love for nature in kids, along with teaching them the importance of doing something by themselves, while prioritizing hard work over shortcuts.

4 Dust on the Mountain:

This is yet another jewel from Bond’s treasury, which drives home the point that it is imperative to take care of Mother Nature.

The story narrates the trials and tribulations of a  young boy who is a nature lover and how he stays positive and strong when he is faced with obstacles.

5 Grandfather’s Private Zoo:

Last but not the least, this one is bound to take kids on a roller coaster ride as they read the escapades of the young boy and his grandfather, as they admit different animals in their own private zoo. The narrative is all about the ruckus created by the four-legged creatures and its resolution by the owners.

While this book will instill an interest in flora and fauna for the young readers, it will also give them an insight into the wildlife characteristics and behavior.

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