Top 5 Tips to Protect Your Online Business from Cybercriminals

According to a report by FireEye, 51% of organizations say that they are not equipped to respond to online attacks. In other words, every one in two companies will be unable to deal with cybercrime properly. So, in this article, we’ll discuss the top five ways you can try to protect company data from hackers today.

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5. Educate Your Employees About the Importance of Cyber Safety

While you want a security solution that protects your company on all fronts, a poor decision by an employee can result in a company-wide data breach. So, you should tell your employees to refrain from responding to popups, unexpected links or emails. They should be fully aware of the dos and don’ts when it comes to online safety and threats to business.

You can also consider restricting access to sensitive files such as client data. Advise them to never install software or media from third-party sources that aren’t verified. Keeping work and personal devices separate can also help you maintain online business security.

4. Refrain From Using Public Wi-Fi Networks

To protect your business at all times, you should only connect to the office network since it has the proper encryptions to lock out hackers. When you connect to public networks, you expose yourself to threats since hackers can also connect to the same network and gain access to your data.


So, you should never access sensitive data over public networks. One of the other threats on the internet is the fake Wi-Fi hotspot, where hackers set up their own networks to lure people in.

Once you have connected to such a network, they can read and intercept all the communication to and from your device. Personal information such as credit card details are also at a risk when you are connected to an open network.

If you must use a public network, always use a VPN. You can check out the top VPNs and proxy servers to use on this website.

3. Strong Passwords

Keeping a strong password is one of the most basic, but foolproof methods to protect your business against online threats. So, advise all your employees and coworkers to have passwords that are difficult to guess. They should involve numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and special symbols as well.

Moreover, important files that have sensitive information should also be password-protected. This way, only the necessary people have access to them.

2. Backups and Updating Software

Backing up your data regularly is also a great way to have a copy of all the important information that your company deals with. Automating the backup process is the best way of going about performing backups since you don’t have to worry about backing up the data yourself.


Updating all the software you’re using to the latest version also helps you stay protected against online threats. Virus and malware definitions are updated regularly by companies. So, you should ensure that your business software is well-equipped to deal with them.

1. Choose a Secure Hosting Service

Every successful online business has built a great website. But, if your website looks good and is on the wrong hosting service, you’re in for trouble. Always ensure that your website is hosted by a recognized online hosting service and is PCI compliant. Steer clear of free hosting services since they offer limited bandwidth and security.

If possible, only host your sites on services that will give you an SSL certificate and mark your website with HTTPS. Hackers constantly look to exploit gaps in the security. And having a secure connection with the customer enables them to make payments and checkout without safety concerns.

These are the top five ways to protect against company data. There are several other practices you can include in your daily work to protect your business, but these are the ones that will help you out the fastest.

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