Top 6 Autumn Vacation Tips

If you are keen on light and fresh breeze, mesmerizing warm hues, and chilly evenings, autumn vacation is just for you! If you thought you won’t miss out on some fun, you thought wrong! Summer and winter holidays are riveting, but there’s something utterly magical with autumn getaways. Whoever is in for some fanciful autumn vacation adventure, here are the top tips you must try out.

  1. Layer up

Even though autumn days can be rather unpredictable, you should be ready for both sunny days and chilly evenings. Before you set off for your new autumn adventure, you must pack adequately and bring an extra sweater, or two. Make sure that you layer clothes adequately, so you could take off an extra shirt if it’s too hot, or leave the jacket on if it’s too freezing. Bring a rain jacket or a waterproof windbreaker which is lighter to pack, and always have an additional pair of socks with you.

  1. Have fun (and record it!)

Yes, you may not encounter glorious summer sunset, but you will surely be able to note down the experience of signing and chatting around the campfire. Autumn vacation is all about having fun, exploring new wilderness while listening to your favorite tunes, bonding with friends, and creating endless memories. If you are on the lookout for some new and nifty fun autumn vacation ideas, you could check out the Big Booty Fish blog. Read and see how friends can have fun, explore new places together and record everything meticulously, and later publish so the world could copy it and repeat.

  1. Have an umbrella with you

Some people like wearing a raincoat instead, however, having a small and practical folding umbrella always in your bag is going to be more than welcoming. Nobody wants their vacation to be ruined, but during the autumn period, casual rain is a common thing. So, instead of risking being soaking wet, you should bring a small folding umbrella with you, and wear waterproof boots. Even if you wear a raincoat, you would dry faster if you use an umbrella.

  1. Respect the Mother Nature

You are allowed to walk, smell, experience, but you mustn’t ruin, cause damage to wildlife, grab or pick. Going camping for your autumn vacation is the best way to experience the wonderful seasonal delights, but as long as you pay a watchful eye on the environment and have respect for it, you will surely have a blast. Don’t throw any litter or leave any trace behind you. All National Parks are greatly important as they are home to many endangered species, so it’s our job to keep them safe and protected.

  1. Pack smart

Autumn vacations are best experienced while backpacking and mountaineering. If you opt for a walking holiday then you should pack light. You would be spending many hours outdoors so you could see the exquisite autumn foliage, so having all of the essentials in one backpack will save you loads of time. You would have enough freedom and flexibility to move around and not miss out on anything while having all you need in one bag.

  1. Capture autumn foliage

Autumn foliage is truly jaw-dropping and flabbergasting. As you don’t want to return home without having enough tangible material to show off to your family and relatives about the picturesque autumn places you have visited, you should bring camera gear with you. Make sure your camera is working properly, if not, it would be a smart investment to get a new one and test it before you set off on your autumn journey.

Autumn vacation is all about the smell of seasonal changes, the morning mist and the nights’ wonders, the sounds of nature, the splendid sights, and much much more. If you haven’t tried it out, then this year is a good time to start.

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