Top Real Estate Agents in Florida You Must Know About

The median price of a home in Florida is USD 378,100—higher than the national average. The state is hugely profitable thanks to its construction investments and a booming tourism economy. If you want to buy or sell a home in the sunshine state and need the names of reputable real estate agents in Florida, you have come to the right place. Whether you are moving out of Florida or looking to make the sunshine state your permanent habitat, the real estate agent you choose in Florida must have the local market expertise with a large number of successful home sales, a good track record of ethical transactions, and a quick turnaround time.

As you are looking for Florida brokers know that there are close to 200,000 real estate agents in Florida and many real estate companies. While there are plenty of choices in buying and selling a house in the state today, choosing the right Florida brokers and brokerage companies can make all the difference.

Real estate agents in Florida

To help you find the right real estate agent in Florida for your purchase or sale, we have done some analysis and filtered a list of top real estate agents in Florida. For the average home sale price of USD 378,100 in Florida, the average realtor commission is 5.40% and the average days a house has to stay on the market is 48 days. 

We have looked at the past performance of the agents, checked their successfully closed deals, and client reviews, and analyzed their time on the market. We have checked the reviews of the real estate agents on sites like Google and Yelp to arrive at our list.

The list of top real estate agent companies in Florida

We have categorized the list of top real estate agent companies in Florida as per different parameters. Jump to the list of top real estate agents in Florida below:

  • Discount brokers that save you money

You can hire a traditional real estate agent, use a flat fee MLS Florida service, or take the mid way of hiring a discount broker that charges lower listing fees while doing most of the work for you. Discount brokers are an amazing option for you to save money. 

You can pick between national discount brokers like Houzeo, Redfin, and Homie You can even choose to go with regional real estate discount broking companies like 1 Percent Lists.

  • Houzeo is a high-tech real estate platform that makes buying and selling a home easier. You can save up to half of your agent commission with Houzeo.
  • Redfin is a well-known real estate company that offers cool savings. But the company may fall short in providing good service pertaining to agents like agent availability and experience.
  • SimpleShowing offers great commission savings but again you may not get the best of hands-on service and agents.
  • Agent-matching services to find top real estate agents in Florida: 

If you want to go the old-fashioned way of working directly with a real estate agent, agent-matching services can help you quickly find the top Florida brokers.

It is quite easy to use an agent-matching service and it just takes up to five minutes of your time. You just have to go on an agent-matching service providing site and enter your basic information like the location of your house and your budget and voila you have the list of certified, top real estate agents in your locality. You can even compare different agents and companies to choose the best experts for the big job. Companies like UpNest and Clever even offer buyer and seller discounts.

  • Ideal Agent is a real estate company that matches you with a local realtor who has sold many homes in the past. While it displays discounted listing fees, you can save much more on other competitor sites.
  • UpNest makes it even better to find a top real agent in Florida. It encourages agents to compete for the business that helps you get a discounted rate. However, savings are not guaranteed with UpNest and you can find a better rate with competitors.
  • Clever is an easy, quick, and free way to find top Florida brokers. Unlike many of its competitors, Clever does the legwork and pre-negotiates huge discounts on your behalf so that you can save thousands of dollars while getting the best service.
  • Cash buyers and iBuyers to make a quick and easy sale

If you want to sell your homes in a matter of days, companies, like we buy houses for cash and iBuyers, can make a quick cash offer so that you can make the sale in an instant.

  • iBuyers companies such as Opendoor pay a little less than what a traditional home buyer would but takes away all your stress from the home sale and saves you time. Such companies usually buy homes that require no or fewer repairs. You can find iBuyers in Florida in major areas like Miami, Jacksonville, and Tampa.
  • Conventional cash buyers in Florida such as ‘We Buy Houses’ make low offers, which can go down to up to half of your house’s actual market value. They are suitable for you only when you need to offload your property quickly or are unable to find traditional buyers.
  • We Buy Ugly Houses is a cash buyer with a good reputation as compared to other individual cash buyers. However, your experience with them is dependent on the quality of their franchise in your locality. While they can close the sale in under three weeks, they pay far less than the fair market value of your home.
  • Opendoor can be a great option for you if you want a fast, predictable, and hassle-free sale. While the money Opendoor pays for your home might be a little below the market value, the difference can be worth it if you are looking for speed and convenience.

Real estate scams in Florida you should know about

If you are setting out to buy or sell a property in Florida, it helps to know about real estate scams prevalent in the state. 

Below are some scams you must be aware of:

  • Foreclosure relief: Scammers can offer you foreclosure relief for a fee with no aim to help.
  • Fake home sales: Scammers put in online offers and get payments for homes they don’t own.
  • Loan flipping: Fake lenders persuade homeowners to remortgage multiple times while it has no benefit for the homeowner.
  • Escrow wire fraud: Scammers contact buyers and give them instructions to wire escrow funds.
  • Moving scams: Some predatory movers in Florida move a homeowner’s belongings for a moving fee greatly high compared to the original estimate.

Bottom line

Having a population of 22 million people, with over 900 new residents added every day, Florida is a competitive housing market consisting of thousands of real estate agents to choose from. Whether you are trying to buy or sell a house, choosing the right real estate agent is half the battle won. But doing that can be challenging if you are shifting to a new locality. This list of top Florida brokers can be a good starting place for you in your journey to find a reputable top real estate agent in Florida. You can also go through various reviews such as Houzeo reviews, Redfin reviews, and other such reviews to make the right informed decision.

Also, the closing costs when selling a home in Florida are higher than in many other states in the US. So, keep your budget slightly high when you set out to buy or sell a home in Florida. 

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