Tree Light Up Celebration Brings Holiday Cheers to Captiva


At the Island Resort, Hurricane Ian wasn’t allowed to disrupt Christmas traditions.

Tween Waters Island Resort and Spa in Captiva suffered damage during Ian. They, like many, are resilient and have resumed.

On Friday night, the resort hosted its 27th annual tree lighting ceremony with a live band and beachside fireworks.

“This is my favorite time of the year to wait all night. We have been here since 2018 and I am so grateful they did this tonight. This tree used to be big, but it’s so beautiful,” said Jamie Szencheleski.

This marks the 27th year of Tween Waters Christmas tree lighting, but the hurricane has nearly broken that streak.

“I don’t think anyone thought tonight would happen two months ago, but it shows how strong the community as a whole is and how much everyone is doing to be able to build our new normal. It just shows how people are gathering, said Bridget Lanigan.

The Tween Waters staff were unsure if it would work.

“It’s not our usual traditional. But it will still be very memorable for the residents and linemen staying here with us,” said Tween Waters Island. said Michele Berger, director of operations at the resort and spa.

Captiva locals and their loved ones gathered the day after Thanksgiving to give even more thanks.

“It’s great for us to have Tween Waters host an event like this because we have nowhere to go. Yeah, we just have nowhere to go. We are at home.” I’m raking dead wood, doing yard work, but there’s trash everywhere. .

“I don’t know if you know, but this little Christmas tree shows how strong the island is. It’s something,” Kaitlyn Lanigan said. Tree Light Up Celebration Brings Holiday Cheers to Captiva

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