Tree removal cost guide

Tree removal is an expensive affair. Cutting it and completing removing the tree will most likely leave a big gap in your budget.

What most people don’t know is that tree removal costs vary from tree to tree. Factors such as the size of the tree, its location, the species and removing the tree junk will greatly affect the overall cost. On average, tree removal costs range from $225 for the small trees to highs of $8900 for the extra-large trees.

So, what really drives up the costs? Let’s find out, shall we?

Tree cutting vs tree removal: Is it the same?

To get a clear picture of the bill you will get, it’s important to know that there is a difference between cutting down a tree and removing it. When you call your arborist and request to take down a tree, the cost will be different than telling them to remove it. Cutting down is as simple as bringing the giant down. But with removal, you want everything cleared and completely gone. Tree removal is time and energy consuming which is why its charges are always high.

Don’t get us wrong, even cutting down a tree is a lot of work. The experts will have to cut down the branches before cutting the base. That’s why the average cost of cutting down a tree starts from $325.

Size by size cost guide

As mentioned, tree removal varies greatly with the size of the tree being an influencing factor. The bottom line is, the bigger the tree, the more it will cost you. Here is a breakdown of the tree removal costs based on sizes;

Small trees removal costs

A small tree can be said to be any tree whose height is not more than 15ft tall and whose trunk diameter is not more than six inches. The cost of removing small trees starts at $200 and can go as high as $500.

Some of the most common small trees include;

  • Blueberry Ash
  • Flowering Gum
  • Magnolia Kay Parris
  • Little Gem
  • Lemon tree
  • Crepe Myrtle

Medium trees cost guide                                                                                          A Medium tree can be classified as any tree that grows up to 25ft with the minimum height being 15ft. On average, the cost of taking down a medium-sized tree ranges from $500 to $900. Don’t be surprised if you are charged more as factors such as season and room around the tree will affect the end quote.

Some of the more common medium-size trees include;

  • California Nutmeg
  • Date Palm
  • Willow Myrtle
  • Cypress

Large size tree cost guide

A large tree will grow to heights of over 60ft with a minimum height of just 25 feet. It’s no brainer that with all this timber and foliage that the costs will be high. In fact, it reaches as high as $2500 and it could be more if you factor in things like the location of the tree. But some can cost you as low as $900 to take down.

Some of the common large-size trees include;

  • American Elm
  • Cottonwood
  • Oak Trees
  • Eucalyptus

Extra-large trees cost guide

Cutting down gargantuan trees is hard on its own. Add the removing part and you are staring at bills of over $4500. Thankfully, the bills start at $2500 but other factors will greatly affect the final charges. A gargantuan tree has a height range of over 60ft to 120ft and above. Some of the most common types include;

  • Sugar Gum
  • White Pine
  • Spruce
  • Noble Fir Tree

Tree species cost guide

It’s safe to say that not just the tree height that affects the cost. And no, it’s more than just location and working space that drive up the costs. One of the most underestimated factors is the tree species. With each species having its own specs, they have a major role in the overall costs. For instance, a palm tree is likely to cost more than other small trees while the eucalyptus will cost you heavily.

Let’s take a better look at it, shall we?


A single oak tree with a diameter of 30 inches, 60ft long with large branches and weighs 4.6 tons will cost you on average $2300.


A 2-ton palm tree with a 12-inch diameter and measures 80 ft long with fronds at the top will cost you on average $720.


A single trunk maple with a height of 45 ft and weighs 1.5 tons with some bushes branches costs an average of $ 520


A 50ft tall Conifer with a 6-inch diameter and weighs 1 ton will make you cough $550.


Cutting down an 80 feet long Spruce with a diameter of 11 inches and weighs 2.5 tons will come to around $950.


The cost of bringing down a 40 ft tall Cottonwood tree with a trunk base of 50 inches and the average weight of 3.2 tons is $1150.


It will cost you an average of $2050 to bring down an 80 ft eucalyptus tree with a single trunk and multiple branches.


To bring down a 4.5-ton sycamore tree, with 15-inch diameter and a height of 85 ft, you will need $1800.

Can you remove the trees yourself or do you need the professionals?

Well, if you know your way around a chainsaw and you are pretty handy, go for it. But for the sake of your safety, avoid trees taller than 15 ft. if you require a ladder or landing gear to cut the tree, you are better off working with an arborist.

The best tree removal price negotiation tips.

For you to get the best tips, you need to have a few things in mind. Here are tips to help you get a fair deal;

Consult widely

Look for more than 2 quotes from different companies. Ring them back and say you got a better deal from another company and lure them into lowering their bids.

Clean up for yourself

Tree removal is probably the costliest part of the whole process. Make plans to clean up after the tree is cut down and see if you can get a better deal.

Let the stump remain

Removing the stamp is the hardest and most expensive bit of tree removal. If you can, let it stay intact and use it as a decorative tool of the backyard.

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