Tropical Cyclone Elsa has generated two tornadoes in New Jersey, National Weather Service confirms

Woodbine, NJ (WABC)-The National Weather Service has determined that two tornadoes have occurred in New Jersey when the tropical cyclone Elsa struck the area early Friday.

Strong winds in Elsa triggered tornado warnings, and storm surveys were conducted in the areas of Little Egg Harbor Township in Ocean County, Somers Point in Atlantic County, and Woodbine in Cape May County.

Two of them were confirmed to have landed tornadoes.

Woodbine Racetrack

At Woodbine, investigators said an EF-1 tornado with an estimated peak wind speed of 100 mph occurred around 2:40 am on Friday.

It was a little less than a mile on the ground and had a maximum width of 75 yards.

According to the Meteorological Bureau, the tornado ended about two minutes after it occurred.

According to the National Weather Service:

-At the Ocean World Condominium Complex, two trees have been uprooted and a picnic shelter in the complex’s picnic area has been destroyed.

-The roof of the picnic shelter was dropped into a nearby pool, and the tornado caused considerable structural damage to the complex’s office and recreation buildings.

-The front door was blown off the structure and the outer wall was pushed out a few inches, but it did not completely collapse.

-The sign at the entrance to the complex was also blown away, and another nearby cedar tree was uprooted.

-The tornado continued to the west, with several trees breaking along Ash Drive and Freidriechstadt Avenue.

-The tornado continued to pass through the woodlands and then uprooted several trees near the intersection of Dehilsure Avenue and Joff Drive.

-At the same intersection, some wooden limbs were broken and some of the residential vinyl fences were blown away.

-The tornado continued across the open area, then ended near the intersection of Hailepurin Avenue and Ocean Drive, and some of the pine trees broke into the house.

Little Egg Harbor Township Tornado

Meanwhile, investigators determined that an EF-0 tornado with a maximum wind speed of 80mph struck Little Egg Harbor Township at around 3:33 am on Friday.

It lasted about a third mile and had a maximum width of 110 yards. It was on the ground for about a minute.

According to the National Weather Service:

-The tornado landed in a residential area along Sycamore Drive and broke several trees along Sycamore Drive and Harbor Town Boulevard. A small tree was uprooted at Sycamore Drive.

-Some homes were visually damaged along Rosemont Lane and Harbortown Boulevard, where some of the vinyl fences were blown away.

-The tornado continued along Rose Monterey, with numerous wooden limbs hanging down.

-In a house at the intersection of Rosemont Lane and Vista Court, two sections of a wooden fence were blown off, thrown about 50 feet and hit the back of the house.

-Several homes along Vista Court have also been visually damaged.

-The tornado ended at the end of Vista Court, where several trees were broken or uprooted.

Damage caused by Somers Point storm

According to the National Weather Service, the damage caused by the storm at Somers Point was not a tornado, but a tropical cyclone that reached 100 mph.

The damage occurred just before 3:00 am on Friday.

According to the National Weather Service:

-Seven wooden utility poles snapped along Somers Point’s Longport Boulevard Causeway due to strong winds from the rainband associated with the tropical cyclone Elsa.

-All poles were falling in the same direction, with no other noticeable damage nearby

-Therefore, it was determined that this damage was directly caused by strong winds from the tropical rains that ran all night along the New Jersey coast.

On State Highway 152, Somers Point-Longport Boulevard remained closed all day. Coastal traffic on Friday had to be detoured as the crew worked to repair a fallen pole, some of which were broken in half.

The Back Bay barbecue in the middle of the causeway had to be closed on Friday because it ran on a generator and customers couldn’t access the driveway.

The owner, Leonard Duggit, was still able to smoke the meat of a wood-burned smoker. He described the storm that came all night from Thursday to Friday.

“Unfortunately, the highway is closed, so no one can come here now,” said Dagit. “I received a warning about the possibility of a tornado, and around 3 am, all the hell collapsed and things were blown crazy.”

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Tropical Cyclone Elsa has generated two tornadoes in New Jersey, National Weather Service confirms

Source link Tropical Cyclone Elsa has generated two tornadoes in New Jersey, National Weather Service confirms

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