Tropical Cyclone Elsa hit Florida, but weak winds limit damage | Florida

A weakened tropical cyclone Elsa has landed Florida It rained across Florida’s Gulf Coast on Wednesday, but apparently escaped serious state damage and widespread power outages.

Elsa wobbled in the Gulf of Mexico, temporarily reaching hurricane strength, but was expected to land as a tropical low pressure.Tornado alerts were issued in several counties in northern Florida, including the Gainesville area.

Heavy rains and gusts are expected in northern Florida, and floods are also expected in the region, where heavy rains have already saturated the ground at the end of last week.

Governor Ron DeSantis said in a morning press conference that no major structural damage or death was reported from the storm.

“Obviously, this could have been worse,” the Republican governor said, adding that many storm-related deaths would come after the system passed. “Be very careful when working to remove debris,” he said.

According to DeSantis, the region is unpowered by up to 26,000 customers, most of them in Hillsboro, Pinellas and Pork counties surrounding Tampa Bay. The crew is working to restore electricity, and DeSantis said no hospital has reported a power outage that has been a major problem in past storms.

Elsa’s maximum sustained winds are 65mph (100km / h), and the Miami-based National Hurricane Center states in an EDT recommendation at 8am.

At the beginning of Tuesday, Elsa passed the Florida Keys but did not hit the lowland island chain directly.

The storm also complicated the search for potential survivors and victims in the collapse of a condominium in the Miami area on June 24. Despite the challenge, the crew continued to search the rubble of Champlain Towers South on Surfside, Florida, on the southeastern coast of the state.

Elsa is expected to cross from Florida to southeastern Georgia on Wednesday afternoon, and the National Hurricane Center has issued a tropical cyclone warning across the state’s 100-mile coast.

Elsa was expected to bring 2-4 inches of rain to Georgia as it stirs northeast before entering South Carolina, west of the savanna, early Thursday.

Previously, Cuban officials evacuated 180,000 people and killed at least three in response to a possible flood caused by a storm that had already hit several Caribbean islands.

Brian McNordi, a hurricane researcher at the University of Miami, said Elsa was the earliest fifth-named storm on record.

Tropical Cyclone Elsa hit Florida, but weak winds limit damage | Florida

Source link Tropical Cyclone Elsa hit Florida, but weak winds limit damage | Florida

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