Tropical Cyclone Fred Threatens New York With A Landslide

A storm system that has already unleashed a tornado in the southern United States can move north, causing landslides and flash floods in New York.

Tropical Cyclone Fred caused havoc at the beginning of the week in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and other states – incapacitating 37,000 people on Wednesday in North Carolina and West Virginia.

Also, a highway was closed in Florida after a driver flipped into a ditch near Panama City on a seaplane, killing at least one person.

Rich Otto, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service, told The Associated Press, “In the strip from Pennsylvania to New England, rainfall ranges from 2 to 4 inches (5 to 10 cm) and 6 inches (6 inches). It was predicted that there would be 16 cm) spots. ” From England to Friday.

“The only bigger threats are probably the currently valid floods and the potential for widespread flood alerts,” he told AP.

Schools were closed and people evacuated along three rain-swept rivers in eastern Tennessee, according to the Associated Press.

“The areas around the Pigeon, French Broad and Nolichucky rivers are no longer safe,” said Mayor Crystal Ottinger of Cocke County in an order posted on Facebook late Tuesday. Four shelters have been opened.

People, animals and cars were rescued in the southern states, and the northeast was prepared for potential devastation.

Jason Chapel, chairman of Transylvania County, a lifetime resident of North Carolina, told AP: On Monday, a flood flooded a local factory with a few-inch water column and damaged the parking lot.

“It really surprised everyone,” said the chapel. “No one expected that amount of rain.”

Fred is just one of several storms along the US coast during hurricane peaks and stormy seasons.

AP contributed to this report

Tropical Cyclone Fred Threatens New York With A Landslide

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