Tropical Cyclone Truck: Henri is expected to be a hurricane affecting the northeast this weekend

New York (WABC)-A tropical cyclone Fred blew into the northeastern United States on Wednesday, closing highways in the lower Appalachian Mountains and then threatening to cause heavy rains in northern New York, causing landslides and flash floods.

Meanwhile, the tropical cyclone Henri is moving toward the US coast, and forecasters said it is expected to be a hurricane by the weekend on a route that is likely to affect states in the northeastern United States.

Henri was on Wednesday about 795 miles south-southeast of Nantucket, Massachusetts. Its maximum sustained winds were stable at 65 mph, but Hurricane Center warned that life-threatening sea swells could affect beaches on the East Coast later this week.

Tropical Cyclone Henri

Lee Goldberg said things would be interesting over the weekend as Henri is likely to be a hurricane offshore.

Every Sunday depends on where Henri is-is it heading southeast of New England? Is it close to us?

This is what we know now, the forecast track is shifting north and west. The worst is still likely to be offshore, but if the bend continues north and west, you may be dealing with surges and some major impacts.

Currently, Lee believes that the main impacts are dangerous rip currents, high waves and beach erosion, and strong tropical cyclone winds that can certainly occur on the coast.

Some gusts can reach 39 mph or more. Henri’s influence may remain at the beginning of Monday.

Tropical Cyclone Fred

Tropical Cyclone Fred moved northeast today, vulnerable to depression in Georgia and North Carolina, causing floods and tornado threats after producing some obvious tornadoes.

In some areas, flash flood clocks have been issued from West Virginia to Vermont with up to 5 inches of rain in a short period of time. Flash flood threats will be greatest tonight.

Tornado threats are greatest from Washington DC to Baltimore and central Pennsylvania and cannot be ruled out in northern New York.

The threat continues tonight.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, one death was reported as a result of Fred, a Las Vegas man who boarded a seaplane near Panama City, Florida, and overturned into a ditch filled with water on Monday night.

Less than 30,000 customers were out of power in Florida and Georgia after a storm landed near Cape Sunbras in Florida Panhandle late Monday afternoon. In the aftermath of Fred, paramedics repaired downed power lines and cleaned up fallen trees. Several schools and universities in Florida, Alabama and Georgia have canceled their face-to-face classes on Tuesday due to a storm.

According to the National Hurricane Center, Fred had maximum sustained winds of 35 mph (56 km) when crossing southeastern Alabama to reach western and northern Georgia.

The blessings of tropical cyclones

Grace became a hurricane after a torrential rain in Haiti, which was damaged by the earthquake. Grace’s sustained winds were expected to increase to 75 mph (120 km) on Wednesday as they moved away from the Cayman Islands and intensify before colliding with the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico on Thursday morning.

A hurricane alert was issued to Yucatan from Cancun to Punta Elero, including Cozumel.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)

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Tropical Cyclone Truck: Henri is expected to be a hurricane affecting the northeast this weekend

Source link Tropical Cyclone Truck: Henri is expected to be a hurricane affecting the northeast this weekend

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