Tropical Cyclone Watch published for southwestern Florida

The National Hurricane Center has issued a cone of potential tropical cyclones 1. This could be a tropical cyclone Alex with a conical part of southwestern Florida. We are in Corn now, but the impact remains the same, mainly because it rains.

Southwestern Florida will begin to feel the effects of the storm from late Friday to Saturday, according to a Meteorological Agency analysis. The main impact is heavy rainfall that can lead to localized floods.

A tropical cyclone monitor is issued from the south middle of Long Boat Quay and includes all of SWFL and Key.

Flood warnings will be issued to the Collier, Hendery, and Glaze counties until 8 am on Sunday.

Flood warnings are also issued in the counties of Lee, Charlotte, Highlands, Hardy and Desoto until 8 pm on Sunday.

The model plots are much more consistent and we are confident that a potential tropical cyclone will move northeast and have a direct impact on our area on Saturday afternoon.

Rain and gusts are expected from Friday evening, regardless of course or strength. In addition, some of these storms can result in isolated weak tornadoes.

This is not a big hurricane. In this fast-moving system, isolated floods are the main danger.

Wednesday local forecast

As cloud cover increases, maximum temperatures reach the late 90’s.

Expect showers and storms in the late afternoon and evening after an isolated thunderstorm in the early afternoon.

Tropical Cyclone Watch published for southwestern Florida

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