Trump-backed rioters could be sedated

Washington (AP) —Supreme Prosecutor of the District of Columbia said Thursday that “all options are being considered” for indicting members of a violent Trump-supporting mob who attacked the US Capitol. It was.

Michael Sherwin, acting federal prosecutor in Washington, DC, said prosecutors will file 15 federal proceedings on Thursday for crimes such as unauthorized access and property theft, and investigators will examine the chain of evidence. He said he was charging an additional fee.

“All these charges are at the table …. we will charge the highest possible charge,” he said.

More than 90 people have been arrested by police in Washington, and more may be arrested. US lawyers across the country have vowed to find and bring trials to residents who have participated in riots aimed at stopping the change of power.

Experts say they can face the crime of conspiracy that is rarely used. It told prosecutors that former Attorney General William Barr’s Department of Justice would consider prosecuting those who used violence in protest over the killing of black Americans by police last summer. The same accusation.

Jeffrey Rosen, then Deputy Attorney General for Justice, who took up the highest position in the Department of Justice when Barr resigned last month, should consider using conspiracy allegations against violent demonstrators to prosecutors in a September memo. Said that. Plans to overthrow the US government, even though the name may suggest. “

Trump-backed rioters could be sedated

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