Trump News Today: Trump Attorney Asks to Meet with Garland, New Allegations in Mar-a-Lago Box Case

President Trump hails Jan. 6 as ‘wonderful day’ at CNN Town Hall

As the race for the Republican Party’s 2024 presidential nomination heats up, donald trumplegal issues continue to increase.

This week his lawyer asked to meet with the Attorney General Merrick Garland It’s the clearest sign yet of possible impending indictment over the ex-president’s handling of classified documents.

As a further development in that case, Washington Post Two staff members of President Donald Trump reportedly moved boxes of documents the day before the Justice Department visited Mar-a-Lago.

The paper said the timing of the move was questionable and a sign that sabotage may have taken place, and the paper also said that a “production rehearsal” for such a move would take place before a box subpoena was issued. It is also reported to have happened.

Trump appeared on video at the second round of the criminal hush-money case on Tuesday, E. Jean Carroll Amending an outstanding defamation lawsuit against the former president to include statements he made. CNN After he was found responsible for her sexual assault in a civil suit.

Meanwhile, Mr. Trump is busy mocking his new Republican rival for 2024. Ron DeSantis For the clumsy development of his campaign.


President Trump calls E Gene Carroll a stalker

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Trump says he understands Bill Barr won’t pursue Biden, now insists on double standards

Donald Trump said in the latest Missa letter from Truth Social about Attorney General Bill Barr’s reluctance to investigate allegations against Joe Biden and Hunter Biden: was,” he claims.

“Now Biden’s thugs are trying to accuse me. No reason!” the former president complains.

A very interesting situation is happening. During my tenure, Bill Burr as Attorney General was very slow and unenthusiastic in pursuing Joe Biden and Hunter Biden for possible criminal conduct. A lot was reported in the media as well. It was hard to get him to work, but I always felt that he believed in not chasing the president, vice president, or presidential candidate too bluntly. I understand that and it was OK to an extent. Now Biden thugs want to indict me for no reason!

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Trump denounces DeSantis in new video

“When the facts about Ron DeSanctimonias come out, we will see that he is better than most Democratic governors, but average at best when compared to Republican governors!” Former Donald Trump The president said in a newly released video attacking Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over his COVID-19 records:

In a second video, Trump added that it was only because of him that DeSantis became governor.

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Four years in prison for Capitol mob who put foot on Pelosi’s desk

Ann Arkansas The man who put his foot on the desk of the Speaker of the House at the time Nancy Pelosi’s office, pictured in widely circulated photos of the U.S. Capitol riot, sentenced her to more than four years in prison Wednesday after a judge dismissed Pelosi’s claim that she was a passive participant in the riot. received.

Oliver O’connellMay 25, 2023 21:00


Exclusive: IRS Official Who Claimed Hunter Biden Case Was ‘Late’, Won’t Talk To Democratic-Led Senate Committee

Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigator Accuses Justice Department Officials Of A Long Investigation Against The President Joe BidenHunter’s tax problems have cut contact with key congressional committees amid questions about the veracity of his allegations and his motives for coming forward.

Special Agent Gary Shapley IRS The Criminal Investigation Service revealed its identity in an interview with CBS News on Thursday.

Andrew Feinberg Submitted this exclusive report Independent Originally from Washington DC.

Oliver O’connellMay 25, 2023 20:30


Has Mar-a-Lago’s classified documents investigation come to a conclusion?

Oliver O’connellMay 25, 2023 20:15


Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Agent Moved Boxes of Documents A Day Ahead of Justice Department Visit, Report Says

two members of donald trumpstaff moved boxes of papers just the day before the Department of Justice visited Mar-a-Lagoaccording to the report.

File was moved yesterday FBI Investigators and prosecutors visited private clubs floridapalm beach. The timing of the movement was questionable and a sign of possible sabotage. Washington Post.

Gustav Kirandel is following this developing story.

Oliver O’connellMay 25, 2023 20:00


DeSantis says he would consider pardon if Trump wins

Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis Said on Thursday that he would “aggressively” use the president forgive Release those charged or convicted of crimes resulting from their participation in the Jan. 6 Capitol raid, as well as former presidents; donald trump.

Oliver O’connellMay 25, 2023 19:40


Trump officials reportedly moved a Mar-a-Lago box of documents before the Justice Department visit

Two employees of President Donald Trump moved a box of documents the day before FBI agents and prosecutors visited the former president’s home in Florida to retrieve classified documents in response to a subpoena. But investigators view the timing as suspicious and indicative of potential interference, the people said. For those who know more about this subject.

The president and his aides had been trying to obtain sensitive documents before the firm received the subpoena in May 2022, according to people familiar with the matter, who spoke on condition of anonymity about the ongoing sensitive investigation. It is said that they were conducting a “rehearsal” for the movement of

Prosecutors are also gathering evidence that Trump kept classified documents in plain sight in the Oval Office and sometimes showed them to others, the people said.

The move follows a request for a meeting between President Trump’s legal team and Attorney General Merrick Garland, and some say it suggests the classified documents case is at its peak. be.

Oliver O’connellMay 25, 2023 19:21


Fox News host appears to endorse Ron DeSantis, angers Trump aides

member of donald trumpthe inner circle of fox news Host Mark Levin twitter Tweet a link to Ron DeSantiscampaign, accusing conservative commentators of fundraising for the governor of Florida.

Ariana Bio I will report what happened next.

Oliver O’connellMay 25, 2023 19:00 Trump News Today: Trump Attorney Asks to Meet with Garland, New Allegations in Mar-a-Lago Box Case

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