Trump organization expects Manhattan district attorney to file criminal accusation on Thursday – NBC4 Washington

A New York prosecutor accuses Donald Trump’s two-year investigation into business practices of his name-bearing company and its long-time financial officer as responsible for tax evasion related to employee benefits. And we will announce the first criminal charges on Thursday.

Accusation against The Trump Organization and its chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, remained sealed Wednesday night, but were to be revealed prior to an afternoon prosecution in Manhattan’s state court. ..

People were not allowed to talk about ongoing investigations and spoke on condition of anonymity.

There were no signs of Trump himself Indicted at this stage of the investigation, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. and New York State Attorney General Letitia James jointly followed.

Trump did not answer the reporter’s screaming question about the New York case When he visited Texas on Wednesday But earlier that week, Republicans accused New York prosecutors of being “rude, nasty, and completely prejudiced,” and his company’s actions were “in the standard practice of the entire U.S. business community.” Yes, it’s not a crime at all. “

The planned fee is Linked to the profits given by the company People familiar with the matter told AP, such as the use of tuition fees for apartments, cars and schools.

A message asking for comment was left to a spokesperson and lawyer for the Trump organization. Weisselberg lawyer Mary Mulligan declined to comment. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office declined to comment.

Vence, Those who resign at the end of the year, We have conducted extensive research on a variety of issues related to Trump and the Trump Organization.

His office investigated Hash money payments paid to women Truth on behalf of Trump In the asset evaluation of the company Especially tax assessment.

Vance fought a long battle How to get Trump’s tax record I’ve submitted documents and interviewed company executives and other Trump insiders.

James Assigned two lawyers from her office Working with Vance’s team after finding evidence of potential criminal misconduct while her office is conducting another civil investigation into Trump.

Weisserberg, 73, was scrutinized, partly because he was asked about his son’s use of Trump’s apartment at little or no cost.

Managed Barry Weisselberg Ice skating rink operated by Trump At Central Park, in a 2018 divorce testimony, Trump Parc East’s apartment “was a corporate apartment, so there was no rent,” he said.

Barry’s ex-wife, Jen Weisselberg, has cooperated with both investigations and has provided investigators with a large amount of tax records and other documents.

Proceedings against Allen Weisserberg — Trump’s loyal lieutenant And his Fred, the father of a real estate developer — You can give the prosecutor a way to pressure executives to work together to convey what he knows about Trump’s commerce.

The Trump Organization is the entity in which the former president manages many of his entrepreneurial activities, including investments in office towers, hotels, golf courses, many marketing deals, and television businesses. Trump’s sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, have been in charge of the company’s day-to-day operations since he became president.

Trump will not be billed on Thursday, Allegations against the company His name raises questions about his knowledge or involvement in businesses that prosecutors suspect are illegal.

James Lepetty, a tax lawyer and professor at Boston College Law School, said companies like the Trump Organization usually pay taxes not only on salaries, but also on other forms of compensation such as apartment and car use. He said he was responsible for withholding.

According to Lepetti, such benefits are not considered taxable income if required as a condition of employment. For example, providing an apartment for the convenience of employees who need to be in the office or work frequently or for odd hours. Allows the use of the car for business purposes.

another Famous New York City Real Estate Numbers, Include The late Leona Helmsley, was Convicted of tax evasion In a federal case that arose from her company Paying to remodel her house Without reporting it as income.

The Trump Organization proceedings include a possible violation of New York State tax law.

“The IRS routinely looks for abuse of fringe benefits when auditing tightly held companies,” says Lepetti. “The temptation of business is that it claims a tax deduction for expenses while the beneficiary does not report it in income.”

Trump organization expects Manhattan district attorney to file criminal accusation on Thursday – NBC4 Washington

Source link Trump organization expects Manhattan district attorney to file criminal accusation on Thursday – NBC4 Washington

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