Trump remains the dominant Republican power after acquittal

new York – Republicans still belong to Donald Trump.

After he caused a deadly riot in the US Capitol last month, Republicans considered expelling a former president who broke the norm. But in the end, only seven of the 50 Senate Republicans voted to convict Trump in his second historic impeachment trial on Saturday.

For Trump supporters, the acquittal provides some evidence and a fresh connection to the former president’s fiery base. And for Trump’s Republican adversaries, it’s lurking further in danger, with little hope that the party will reconnect with moderate, female, and college-educated voters Trump being marginalized. It shows another alarming sign.

Ultimately, the impeachment resolution clarifies the Republican division that leaders, donors, and voters must navigate as they aim to regain control of Congress next year and regain the White House in 2024. Relax.


The tension was shown shortly after the vote. After supporting Trump’s acquittal, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, the Republican Party, delivered a speech that reflected some of the very points that the Democratic impeachment manager emphasized when seeking Trump’s conviction. ..

Former President McConnell said he was “practically and morally responsible for inducing the incident,” which led to the riots. But he argued that there is no constitutional reason for the Senate to convict Trump now that he is absent. This is a procedural point that is accepted by many Republicans.

The history book says that 10 members of the House of Representatives presidential party and another seven of the Senate said Trump’s actions were terrible enough to justify his conviction and could even ban future appointments for the rest of his life. It shows that he finally believed. Since the impeachment of former President Andrew Johnson in 1868, not so many members of the Presidential Party have voted for his dismissal.


But by the most objective means, Trump’s grasp of the Republican Party and its future remains airtight.

Gallup reported last month that Trump’s approval among self-proclaimed Republicans was 82%. And recently, Monmouth University discovered that 72% of Republicans continue to believe Trump’s false allegations that President Joe Biden won the November elections solely for widespread fraudulent voting. did.

With no doubt about Trump’s strength, Republican Congressman Majorie Taylor, a enthusiastic supporter of Trump, even after evidence of repeated acceptance of violence, prejudice, and conspiracy theories on social media surfaced last week. Overwhelmingly voted to defend Congressman Green. ..

A few days after Congressional minority leader Kevin McCarthy blamed Trump for a violent attack, McCarthy turned himself around and took Trump’s Florida real estate to make sure there was no protracted hostility. I visited personally.

Of the seven Republicans who voted for Trump’s conviction on Saturday, only one will face reelection in the next four years. Indeed, in Trump’s Republicans, few are willing to cross him if they have political ambitions for the future.


One of them, Nikki Haley, a former UN ambassador to the Trump administration who is a prospective guest in 2024, said that Trump’s role in the December 6 attack was essentially disqualifying him from reappointment. After telling, it got a lot of attention this week.

“He has fallen so far,” Haley said. “He went the way he shouldn’t be. We shouldn’t have followed him and we shouldn’t have heard him. And we can’t make it happen again.”

Another Republican presidential candidate, Senator Ben Sasse, Nebraska, voted to convict Trump on Saturday, and Trump’s “lie” about widespread fraudulent voting endangered “Vice President’s life.” “A dangerously bloody constitutional crisis that makes us dangerous.”

Sas may run for president in 2024, but will not face the Republican primary in Nebraska again unless he chooses to run for re-election in 2026.


Despite McConnell’s criticism, Trump’s loudest Republican opponents at the moment consist of a collection of retired Republicans on cable news and a “never Trump” movement tackling their own existential challenges. There is a possibility.

The Lincoln Project is perhaps the most prominent and most funded anti-Trump Republican group, and what its leaders knew a few months before publicly admitting multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against co-founders. It’s been a turbulent week since it became clear.

The day after the Lincoln project announced plans to bring in outside investigators, Republican veteran strategist Steve Schmidt, a self-proclaimed “senior leader” of the organization, resigned from the board the night before the Senate impeachment vote.


Fallout is the appeal and impact of the organization’s funding, despite Super PAC’s attempt to expand its reach through the expansion of its popular podcast and streaming video channels, which recorded over 4 million views last month alone. There is a risk of losing power.

Even before the crisis, co-founder Reed Geylang admitted that trumpism was victorious.

“The authoritarian side of the Republican Party is the dominant side,” he said. “They have momentum. For now, they have money.”

Republican strategist Sarah Longwell, who heads an anti-Trump group known as “Defending Democracy Together,” said, “In the last two months, if Donald Trump had cancer of the country and the party, he Has transferred. ”

“I thought we could overtake him, but now I don’t,” she said.

Still, if Republican leaders continue to embrace politics that breaks Trump and his brand norms, Republicans face tremendous political risks.


Already, many Republican friends have vowed to stop giving money to Trump’s allies in Congress, just as Republicans want to regain the majority of the House and Senate in next year’s midterm elections.

Trump critics from both parties have vowed that the business community and voters will not forget what the former president and his allies did as well.

“The Republicans were prepared to ignore the oath of office because of their loyalty to one man, who was more important than their members, more important than the US Constitution, and more important than democracy. Reminds voters. We are in this great country, “said Jamie Harrison, chairman of the Democratic National Commission.

But Trump himself is not gone. Shortly after his acquittal, he issued a statement promising to reappear “immediately.”


“Our historic, patriotic and beautiful movement to make America great again is just beginning,” Trump said. “In the coming months, I have a lot to share with you, and I’m on our incredible journey together to achieve America’s greatness for all of us. I look forward to continuing. “

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Trump remains the dominant Republican power after acquittal

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