Trump votes by mail in Florida despite fraudulent billing

Former President Donald Trump voted by mail in a local election in Florida, despite continued attacks on mail voting, saying he was vulnerable to fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

The Palm Beach County Returning Officer’s website confirmed that Mr. Trump voted by mail and was counted on Tuesday.

This request is the third time Mr. Trump has requested an absentee ballot in his history as a voter in Palm Beach County. post Said.

Voting by mail from the former president will take place despite his fierce attack on the mail-voting process in the 2020 presidential election.

Mailing and absentee ballots surged during the US pandemic as voters and officials recognized the need to avoid large rallying at polling stations during the pandemic.

Both before and after the election, Mr. Trump frequently pushed forward with the unfounded theory that mail voting is vulnerable to fraud, despite the lack of evidence to suggest it.

Mr. Trump explained this paradoxical attitude in support of the mailing system in Florida last August, calling the state election system “safe, secure, trial and error.”

“Florida’s voting system has been cleaned up (defeated the Democratic change attempt). Florida recommends that everyone request a vote and a vote by mail. #MAGA” Mr. Trump wrote at the time.

His efforts to point out the risk of fraud in the state, which sent ballots to all voters, were also unfounded. That’s because there were few cases of fraud or difficult ballot counting in states that use practices on a daily basis.

In addition, mail-voting is done in the same way that Mr. Trump calls a “absent” -requested mail-voting, with the same level of scrutiny, such as signature verification, in many states. There is little difference between the two systems.

In the wake of his election defeat, the former president and his legal team have been about in several swing states, claiming that election fraud robbed Mr. Trump of his election victory, partly as a result of mail-voting. Filed 50 lawsuits.

However, the Ministry of Justice said in December that no evidence of widespread fraudulent voting was found during the election process.

Continuing attempts to undermine Mr. Trump’s election process are most likely in a January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol where Trump supporters raided a building to thwart proof of Electoral College votes. The high tide has been reached.

according to postMr. Trump’s request for a ballot by mail was made almost a week after the deadline for mailing the ballot.

The outlet speculated that mail ballots could be requested until Tuesday, but voters or nominees should receive them directly, speculating that the president was likely to have asked colleagues to do so as before. ..

post Former First Lady Melania Trump said she had not requested a vote by mail.

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Trump votes by mail in Florida despite fraudulent billing

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