Trump, whose Biden administration returns billions of dollars in border wall funds, has been diverted from the Pentagon

The Biden administration plans to return to the Pentagon the billions of dollars that President Donald Trump has diverted to build a wall on the southwestern border and cancel all relevant construction contracts, officials said. Told ABC News on Friday.

“The construction of the border wall under the previous administration has detained more than $ 14 billion in taxpayer funds, short-changed the military, and hurriedly distracted from real security challenges like traffickers. Unplanned wall construction has also brought serious life, security and the environment. Problems. “

In an ongoing review to determine the fate of Trump’s border wall, the Byden administration also said it would launch two new projects along the 1,900-mile US-Mexico border: one A project to fill a hole in the Rio Grande Valley embankment system left by the construction of the wall, and another project to address soil erosion in the Trump administration’s 14-mile barrier construction near San Diego, California.

Neither project will involve the construction of a new border fence, officials told ABC News. It is not yet clear when the Biden administration will complete a review of the entire Trump era project.

“Federal agencies continue to review and plan the issues posed by the construction of the border wall of the previous administration, so today the president reaffirms his commitment to the military and protects the border community. We will begin to take first steps in line with our declaration, “said officials. In the statement.

Members of both parties, including Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Vicente Gonzalez (D-Texas), will address the gap left in the federal embankment system in southern Texas prior to the hurricane season. I called to. Helps prevent floods. Angry local civil servants threatened to fill the gap themselves and seek reimbursement from the federal government.

The Department of Homeland Security said in a statement late Friday afternoon that it was acting to “protect the border area.”

“Construction under the previous administration opened a large hole in the Rio Grande Valley flood barrier system, paving the way for border walls. The flood barrier system was launched from a catastrophic flood in the lowlands of Hidalgo County, Texas. Has provided protection and these breaches for a long time. DHS will begin work to quickly repair the flood barrier system to protect border barriers, including the expansion of border barriers. No, “said the DHS statement.
The Pentagon has confiscated recovered military funds seized by the Trump administration in several trunchs by parliament, including a military school, after the Democratic Party refused to support a request for additional funding to build the Trump wall. Used for hundreds of domestic and international projects initially approved and warehouses.

“In line with the President’s Declaration, the Pentagon pays with funds originally intended for schools for military children, overseas military construction projects in partner countries, and other military missions and functions such as the state. Jamal Brown, Deputy Pentagon spokesman, is working to cancel all of our border barrier construction projects, said in a statement: “Today’s actions protect our country and we It reflects the administration’s continued commitment to supporting military personnel and their families. “

Pentagon spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Christian Mitchell told ABC News that the amount of military construction funds the Pentagon could recover was unknown. Some of the money diverted by Trump has already been spent, but other tranches can no longer be recovered.

President Joe Biden is still facing pressure from the local border community and both parties to announce plans for Trump’s signature project. Republicans have called on him to complete the wall amid a surge in immigrants seeking travel to the United States.

The Democratic Party wants the president to keep his campaign promise to unleash the project and return the confiscated border land to real estate owners.

It is not clear what the administration will do with the land that was planned to be built with Pentagon funding.

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Trump, whose Biden administration returns billions of dollars in border wall funds, has been diverted from the Pentagon

Source link Trump, whose Biden administration returns billions of dollars in border wall funds, has been diverted from the Pentagon

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