Trump’s bond is sacrificed as Johnson of Wisconsin values ​​the future

Madison, Wisconsin. – After President Donald Trump lost his re-election bid, most Senate Republicans, Department of Justice, and courts weren’t Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, but his unfounded allegations about “stolen elections.” Rejected or disputed.

Republican Senator chaired the Senate Department of Homeland Security, emphasizing Trump’s claim, with millions of Americans “having real legitimate suspicion that this election was stolen.” He is worried about “a great deal of cheating here.”

Such loyalty to Trump adored Johnson to his state’s far-right base, but could be costly if he decided to seek a third term in 2022. Campaigns to overturn the election results of accepting Trump’s anti-Democrats have already offended some mainstream Republicans as Johnson considers whether to run again, turning Democrats against Trump into a new force in the state. Ready to motivate.


Observers say Johnson, who stood up from the Tea Party movement more than a decade ago, often acted like a senator from a bright red state. But the November elections showed that Wisconsin, which Democrat Joe Biden won with less than 21,000 votes, was nothing else. The battle for his seat will be one of the most competitive races next year.

“I think he would be in a hurt world if the elections were a week away,” said Lone Bishop, Republican Chairman of the Fond du Lac County Republican Party. Bishop criticized Republicans like Johnson, who supported Johnson but parroted allegations of illegal campaigns. But he states that Johnson is at risk of losing the moderate voters that are essential to victory.

“It may hurt him in suburban voters …. elections weren’t stolen, and they should vote for you when you try to throw away their legally thrown ballots. It’s hard to convince people to be there. “


Johnson has long been in line with Trump’s hard-line policy and politics. He led the push to investigate Biden’s son Hunter and rarely defeated the White House. Still, some Republicans were surprised to see Senators give confidence in Trump’s post-election plans, including an attempt to throw away the ballots of 238,000 voters in the Democratic region of Milwalky and Madison’s majority.

Johnson’s hearing on December 16 to investigate unsubstantiated electoral fraud complaints largely perpetuated Trump’s unfounded allegations. And on January 6, just before the US Capitol was attacked, Johnson opposed counting the votes of the Electoral College from Arizona.

The editor of the conservative website Right Wisconsin published a bitter column hours before the riots, and Johnson questioned the integrity of the election and is on a “reckless road” and should retire. Said he would lose if he ran again.


After the riot, Johnson did not vote against it. Still, Wisconsin’s largest newspaper, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, called on Johnson to resign as “rioting.”

In a newspaper column, Johnson replied, calling the editorial “innocent and ignorant.” Journal Sentinel has taken the unusual step of annotating his answer, providing 19 footnotes with additional context, factual confirmation, and corrections.

The state’s second-largest newspaper, the Wisconsin Journal, has also called for Johnson to resign, and anti-Trump Republicans behind the Lincoln project have targeted Johnson as a target for defeat, citing support for election conspiracy. Senator Joe McCarthy comparing the shameful former Wisconsin United States.

Johnson continues to be popular in the Republican grassroots movement and is a key factor in considering whether to run again, said Republican strategist Brian Reisinger, who was involved in Johnson’s 2016 campaign. Said. He said Johnson was able to overcome the denials who didn’t give him much of a chance to win, first against incumbent US Senator Russell D. Feingold in 2010 and again in the 2016 rematch. ..


“Many people see Ron Johnson. They understand the political endurance he had over the years, even though he was a dead man who walked twice before.” Reisinger said.

Johnson promised not to ask for a third term in 2016, but withdrew three years later, hoping to see how the 2020 elections would take place. He also said he was considering running for governor in 2022.

Johnson, 65, says he hasn’t made a decision in recent weeks.

“My prejudice was always to go home,” Johnson told Milwaukee Journal Sentinel last month, before the Democrats won the Georgia finals to control the majority of the Senate. Told. “It continues to be my favorite, but at the same time, the Senate is a kind of firewall against full Democratic control, which I think is very bad for this country.”

Johnson and his spokesman Ben Ferkel declined to comment on his plans.


Republicans have already defended three Senate vacancies. Richard Barr, North Carolina, Pat Toomey, Pennsylvania, and Rob Portman, Ohio, said they wouldn’t run again in 2022. Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, who will turn 89 in 2022, is also in the vote, and second-term Missouri Republican Roy Blunt hasn’t said whether he wants a third.

If Johnson retires, it will probably be free for both parties.

Depending on Johnson’s actions, many Republicans are targeting either the Senate or the Governor. Republican Senate candidates include former US Senator Mike Gallagher, former US Senator Sean Duffy, and Kevin Nicholson, who lost their 2018 Republican Senate.

The Democratic Party’s list of applicants includes Lieutenant Mandela Barnes, the state’s first black deputy governor, State Treasurer Saragodrevsky, and Milwaukee State Senator Chris Larson.

Alex Rasley, senior vice president of Milwaukee Bucks, who spearheaded the success of the 2020 Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, is also considering doing so before the coronavirus sends the event almost completely online. I will. Rasley is the son of billionaire hedge fund manager and Democratic bandler Marc Lasry, who may fund his execution.


Another candidate is Steven Olikara, founder and chief executive officer of the non-profit Millennial Action Project. Outagamie County administrator Tom Nelson has already declared his candidacy.

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Trump’s bond is sacrificed as Johnson of Wisconsin values ​​the future

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