Twenty-five, twenty-one: Is it the father of Ijinminche?hypothesis

NetflixLatest Korean romance drama We are in “Twenty-Five, Twenty-one” Crazy already! The series follows her up-and-coming love story with 18-year-old high school swordfighter Na Hido (Kim Tae-ri) and hard-working 22-year-old college Baek I-jin (Nam Joo-hyuk). A dropout struggling in a sudden financial crisis that bankrupted a super-rich family.

The story begins in 2021 and Kim Min-che (Che Myung-bin), the current teenage daughter of Hido, learns about her mother’s high school life in 1998 through an old diary. There’s a lot we don’t know about Hid today, but the biggest question in the hearts of fans is who is Kim Min-che’s father? Did Hee-Do and Yi-Jin succeed for years, or did the “era” separate them? Is Baek I-jin still in the photo? !! Tell me already!

You may have to wait for a few episodes (or until the end of the series) to get the big picture here, but Kim Min-che’s father’s identity and Hido and Lee Jin come together. I will. Let’s disassemble it.

Is it the father of Baek Ijin Kim Minche of “Twenty-Five, Twenty-one”?

Kim, the name of Kim Minche’s family, immediately sees the possibility that Hido and Ijin are not together because Ijin’s family name is Baek, and Ijin may not be Minche’s father. I informed the person. Should we really take it as a clear sign that he is not Minche’s father?

It’s not surprising that Hee-Do could end up being someone other than Yi-Jin, but some fans are convinced that this is a surprising twist on the show. To obscure Hee-Do’s final husband’s identity until the finale In fact, Ijin is Minche’s father, even though he doesn’t share his family’s name.

You see, going back to 1998 and tracing the story of Hee-Do and Yi-Jin in the 90’s, Yi-Jin came from a super-rich family who was forced to declare bankruptcy after the 1998 IMF financial crisis. You can see that there is. In a blink of an eye, Edin lives generously and attends one of the leading universities in the country, so she gets a small part-time job and can hardly go through. In episode 2, Ijin’s father’s business collapsed and an economically ruined man attacked him to find his father.

With this in mind, fans believe that Ijin will eventually change his name in order to stay away from the family’s reputation and succeed professionally. If so, there is hope that Hijin is certainly Minche’s father.

Is it the father of “Injormi” Kim Minche of “Twenty-Five, Twenty-one”?

In the first two episodes, Hee-Do regularly chats online with a user named Injeolmi, who agrees to keep their actual identities hidden. When Hee-Do and Injeolmi express what they want to meet in the episode, the camera switches to Hi-Jin and turns off the computer with a smile on his face.

Is it possible that he is the person behind the pseudonym “Injormi”? If so, it would certainly be a happy coincidence. But if Injormi is a completely different person, they could be Hido’s future partner and Minche’s father. We may learn more about the true identity of this mysterious character in future episodes.

Will Hido and Ijin get together in “25, 21”?

Even if Edin is no longer Minche’s father, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Hid and Edin aren’t together. After all, “Twenty-Five, Twenty-one” is a drama that spans more than 20 years, and in K-drama almost anything can happen in that time. Fans really have to wait and see how the plot unfolds over 16 episodes.

New episodes of “Twenty-Five, Twenty-one” will be dropped on Netflix every Saturday and SundaySo see how the mystery of who Minche’s father unfolds.

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Twenty-five, twenty-one: Is it the father of Ijinminche?hypothesis

Source link Twenty-five, twenty-one: Is it the father of Ijinminche?hypothesis

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