Twitter’s “Blacks for Trump” Tendency Following Donald Trump’s Rally

Chileeee! “Blacks for Trump” has become a trend on Twitter after people wore shirts with the correct phrase at President Trump’s recent rally in Arizona.At the rally, Donnie made some false claims and confirmed that he would take some time to speak out. President Joe Biden Because of the duty of the mask. “Tell Joe Biden that American health choices aren’t his job. We can make our own choices.” Donald didn’t end up with a rant there. He continued to say he was the president of the anti-mission, and there was great success in Texas and Florida as the vaccine proved ineffective.

Donald argued that the whites were not vaccinated in New York to make things worse. “The left is currently distributing life-saving therapies based on race and discriminating against and despising whites to determine who lives and who dies.” If you are white, give a vaccine. I don’t inoculate, or if I’m white, I don’t inoculate a remedy. ”

But the information could not be far from the truth. According to CNN’s analysis, data show that in 14 states, vaccination rates are on average twice as high for whites than for blacks and Latinos. In addition, on average, more than 4% of the white population is vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine, about 2.3 times the black population (1.9% covered) and 2.6 times the Hispanic population (1.8% covered). is.

The New York Times He also reported that Donald’s comments on New York residents were incorrect. He reportedly referred to the Wall Street Journal’s opinion column, which criticized New York State guidelines. This opinion was based on two limited antiviral treatments that asked healthcare providers to prioritize treatment of patients with immunodeficiency and those with risk factors. In addition, the New York Times unveiled his claim by reporting that whites are more likely to be vaccinated than black residents, who are consistent with most of the country. What do you think of your roommate, Donald’s latest antique?

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Twitter’s “Blacks for Trump” Tendency Following Donald Trump’s Rally

Source link Twitter’s “Blacks for Trump” Tendency Following Donald Trump’s Rally

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