Two members of the Montauk Gossman fish dealer family charged with conspiracy and obstruction

Two Montauk fish dealers, members of the Montauk Gothman family, will be charged with conspiracy and sabotage in a federal court in Central Islip on Wednesday alleging illegally caught fish. ..

Brian, Asa Gosman, and Bob Gosman Dock Inc. will be indicted in the indictment, according to documents submitted to the court of the Central Islip Eastern District Court.

Christopher Winkler, a fisherman who allegedly sold Gossman fish caught above legal limits, was charged last week and acquitted of related plots and sabotage, his lawyer Peter of Northport. -Smith said he declined to comment further.

A federal indictment, opened last month, conspires to conspire against Winkler (61), Brian Gosman (48), and Asa Gosman (45) in alleged plans for wire fraud, postal fraud, and obstruction of justice. Was charged with. According to the Justice Department, the crime was committed between May 2014 and July 2016, involving Fluke and Black Seabass in excess of $ 250,000.

Bob Gossman, a Gossman family business, was also charged as part of multiple indictments.

Brian McCarthy, a lawyer at Bob Gossman, said the company pleaded not guilty. Brian and Asagosman’s lawyers were not listed in court documents and could not be contacted.

Winkler, the captain of Montauk’s New Age trawler, allegedly made 70 trips during the period, landing £ 74,000 of trematodes and sea bass, exceeding legal limits. According to court documents, he sold the fish to a now closed fish dealer operating at the New Fulton Fish Market, which Gossman owned.

When the company went out of business, Winkler allegedly sold a portion of its catch to Bob Gossman, where two Gossmen were in control and ownership.

Bob Gosman, a part of a larger family-owned business known as the Gossman’s Dock at Montauk’s Port of Montauk, is named in the indictment. None of the other Gossman businesses were nominated in the indictment.

As reported, the Department of Justice has been investigating for almost a decade a commercial fishing program known as a study that allows fishermen to bid on quotas for fisheries that exceed normal limits. Prosecutors have accused some fishermen of abusing the program by taking fish far beyond the reserve quota.

Fishermen in New York are the focus of the investigation, with prosecutors paying at least seven convictions, at least two imprisonment, and hundreds of thousands of fines and reparations. New York receives one of the lowest levels of coast-wide allocation of species such as Fluke, despite the fact that fish tend to move to this area for most of the year. Combined states such as Virginia and North Carolina get about half of the entire coastal quota. This is a number that New York fishermen have long lamented.

Two members of the Montauk Gossman fish dealer family charged with conspiracy and obstruction

Source link Two members of the Montauk Gossman fish dealer family charged with conspiracy and obstruction

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