Tyler James Williams talks about Abbott Elementary

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Tyler James Williams has come a long way from playing the title character. “Everyone doesn’t like Chris.” The 29-year-old actor took a break from Sitcom for years and appeared in the following dramas: “the walking Dead” When “Dear white people“—But his best friend, Quinta BransonSold to him Workplace Mockumentary Series He couldn’t just say no.

ABC’s “Abbott Elementary” Introducing viewers to all-star ensemble casts such as Williams, Branson, Janelle James, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Lisa Ann Walter, and Crispel Fetti, who will make their flashy debut on December 7th and play teachers at the fictional Philadelphia Public School. did.Branson Previously revealed to POPSUGAR Williams was the first person to appear on the show, partly because of the friendships already established. “I love working with my friends,” Williams tells POPSUGAR. “It rarely works. It’s really good when you’re working with friends. So when she brought me an idea, I was already pretty crazy. rice field.”

“”[Yes]The ratings were great, the numbers were great, all the successes were great, but if you can feel they are being seen, I’m really doing my job. “

Williams was obsessed with appearing in “Abbott Elementary”, regardless of other projects. He was most intrigued by his personality, Gregory Eddie — a substitute teacher trying to move up the ranks and become the principal. According to him, Branson’s goal was “to make a black male teacher look great in light.” So far, she’s doing just that. Through Gregory, Williams dismantles the super-masculine metaphor that black men often saddle on television.

The actor contacted many teachers and told him how his personality resonated with them. For Williams, that’s one of the best parts about his role: “[Yes]The ratings were great, the numbers were great, all the successes were great, but if you can feel they are being seen, I’m really doing my job. “

“Abbott Elementary” was a hit in a blink of an eye since its premiere last winter. This series, which has become a weekly trend on social media, Perfect rating of Rotten Tomatoes.. It set a record as the first ABC comedy in history. Premier rating is 4 times From the original broadcast date. Branson himself didn’t expect people to be drawn to the show so quickly, but Williams always knew that “Abbott Elementary” was destined for great.

“After that first night, it was like,” Yes, we should fasten the straps. We may be able to ride in front of us. ” “

“I did the inking. I did,” he says. “When I shot the pilot, Sheryl Lee Ralph and I did quite a few things, so while shooting it, we looked at each other at some point and this was really special. There was a moment when I realized that there was a moment when I knew we liked it and that it was what we were passionate about, but it flowed too well. There was something about how to be. I saw her [one day] —I said, “Do you feel what I feel?” And she was like “Yeah.” I said, “I think we have one here.” .. ..This is the first time I have really seen it [a show’s buzz] Watch people react in real time. After that first night, it was like, “Yes, we should fasten the straps. We may ride in front of us.”

Sitcom, with the success of “Abbott Elementary”, talks about the volume about what is what Occurred in the last two years.. “There was a lot of dark content that led to a pandemic,” says Williams. “We went through an election cycle, experienced riots and experienced all sorts of things. We need to sit here and laugh.” Every week, “Abbott Elementary” is a hilarious joke and heart. Deliver a muffled laugh. “If you need to get an inhaler, it’s the perfect place for me,” Williams said of the show’s humor.

Abbott Elementary-
Image source: ABC

Seeing Williams on Sitcom again is a real pleasure for those who have continued his career since 2005. Starring in a series inspired by Chris Rock’s real life turned the actor into a breakout star, and thanks to his fans Williams was able to establish his longevity. “That’s great. This is the kind of career you want,” he says. “Starting as a child actor, I hope the audience grows with you and doesn’t grow beyond you. People of my age watch the show, yeah, we’re all getting older. It’s interesting to see what you notice. Now … they saw [“Everybody Hates Chris”] While they were in school, and now they are watching [“Abbott Elementary”] When they drop the kids — and now I’m playing this teacher at school. It’s great to travel with them. And as we all grow older together, we hope we can continue to tell the story of our time. “

“If I can make you laugh really hard when you drop off the kids on Tuesday night, and Wednesday morning, you’ll be a little warmer to the teacher who dropped the kids, and I did my job . “

The appeal of “Abbott Elementary” lies in its humor and compassion for both teachers and students. It aims to create a new kind of workplace comedy people. This puts the spotlight on unsung heroes. “I hope people can change part of the conversation in a way that interacts with the teacher,” says Williams. “That’s one of the things we know they’re underfunded and their job is difficult, but we’re a little insensitive to it because we’re so used to that reality. For, if I can really make you laugh on Tuesday night, when you drop the kids on Wednesday morning you will be a little warmer to the teacher you dropped them on, and I do my job We can change some of the response culture and interactions with teachers, and they can value their work and make people laugh. “

Like the viewer, Williams sees the endless possibilities of “Abbott Elementary” in the future. “Now, our future is really wide,” he says. “There’s a lot to explore, but in the end it’s the people who are in love with this school that we consistently want to go home … We’ll give you a deeper dive into this world. I want this school to do it, weekly and yearly, and hopefully it will do it. “

“Abbott Elementary” will air on Tuesday at 9 pm ET on ABC.

Tyler James Williams talks about Abbott Elementary

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