U.S. imposes new Cuban sanctions on human rights abuses

Washington (AP)

The Byden administration announced new sanctions against Cuban officials and the government’s special brigade on Thursday, saying it was involved in human rights abuses during the government’s crackdown on protests on the island earlier this month.

The Office of Foreign Assets Control of the Treasury has listed Cuban military and political leader Alvaro Lopez Miera and the Interior Ministry special brigade Alvaro Lopez Miera among those facing the latest sanctions. ..

In a statement, the Treasury said Lopez Miera “has played an integral role in curbing ongoing protests in Cuba.” According to the Treasury, the Cuban Revolutionary Army Ministry and other Cuban government security agencies, led by Lopez Miera, attacked protesters and arrested or disappeared more than 100 protesters in an attempt to curb these protests.

The administration, led by Miguel Diaz Cannell, moved swiftly and violently to stop the protests. Secretary of State Antony Blinken revealed that actions by Cuban authorities and the violent mobs it mobilized “revealed that the administration fears its own people and does not meet their basic needs and aspirations.” Said.

The Home Office Special Brigade was already approved in January by the Trump administration targeting the entire province and Interior Minister Lazaro Alberto Alberto Albares Casas under the Global Magnitzky Act.

In a statement, President Joe Biden “clearly condemns mass detention and false trials that threaten Cubans and unfairly sentence prisons to those who have made bold statements to intimidate them.” rice field. “The Cuban people have the same freedom of expression and the right to peaceful assembly as all people.”

The move was several to put pressure on the post-communist regime after the White House earlier this week protested food on the streets of Havana and other cities across the island by thousands of Cubans earlier this month. Shortages and high prices during the coronavirus crisis that occur after announcing that he has ordered his administration to take action.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez immediately called the sanctions “unfounded, sneaky” on Twitter and proposed that Biden apply sanctions “for everyday oppression and police atrocities” in the United States.

The Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control was tasked with investigating sanctions on Cuban officials who committed human rights abuses against peaceful Cuban protesters.

“The Cubans are protesting the basic and universal rights they deserve for their government,” said Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. “The Treasury will continue to enforce Cuban sanctions, including those imposed today, to help Cubans seek democracy and relief from the Cuban regime.”

Biden also asked the State Department to set up a working group to review U.S. remittance policies so that money sent to homes by Cuban Americans could reach families directly without reducing the administration. I asked.

Biden also ordered a review of the increasing staff viability at the US Embassy in Havana. Following one of Cuba’s largest anti-government demonstrations in recent memory, the White House hopes that recruitment will help further promote civil society involvement.

“Last week, we revealed that dealing with this moment was a priority for the administration and President Biden,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

U.S. imposes new Cuban sanctions on human rights abuses

Source link U.S. imposes new Cuban sanctions on human rights abuses

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