U.S. military will soon begin dismissing soldiers

When it comes to serving this country, you must meet several qualifications. Some are strong, resolute, and now vaccinated!U.S. military is not playing games and is starting to dismiss soldiers who refuse to vaccinate COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection)according to NPR.. The service was announced early today. The Army is reportedly following orders issued by Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth.

The Secretary of the Army instructed the commander to initiate involuntary administrative separation procedures for soldiers who refused the COVID-19 vaccination order. This includes those who do not have an approved or pending exemption request. please remember. The Pentagon urged employees in all departments to require COVID-19 vaccination in August 2021.

Secretary of the Army Warmas issued a statement about the Army’s decision to dismiss soldiers. “The preparation of the army depends on the soldiers who are ready to train, deploy, fight and win the war in our country,” she said. She continued. “Unvaccinated soldiers pose a risk to the troops and jeopardize their readiness. For soldiers who refuse to order vaccines and are not waiting for the final tax exemption decision, they will initiate a voluntary separation procedure. “

Retired soldiers miss their bags. The military does not provide handouts. Soldiers are not eligible for involuntary separate salaries and may also be required to return unearned special or incentive salaries. Currently, 96% of active troops are fully vaccinated and 3,350 soldiers refuse to be vaccinated. In addition, nearly 5,900 have a temporary exemption. The Army is not the only one dismissing soldiers. The Air Force was the first of three branches to announce its dismissal last December. The Marine Corps also released 103 troops in December. Roommates, write a comment and let us know what you think!

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U.S. military will soon begin dismissing soldiers

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