U.S. raises refugee cap to 125,000 spots in 2022

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According to a proposal submitted to Congress on Monday, the U.S. government has confirmed the promise of President Biden’s campaign to reverse the historic cuts made to refugee programs during the Trump administration, with up to 125,000 people in the next 12 months. Aim to resettle refugees in the third country.

The 125,000-spot refugee cap for fiscal year 2022, beginning in October, marks a 733% increase from the historic ceiling of the lowest 15,000 people of former President Donald Trump. Set before leaving the office..

The US refugee cap has been the highest since the early 1990s, but the 2022 fiscal year cap has, as before, force the government to resettle the exact number of people fleeing war and persecution around the world. It is a goal that you do not require.

2021 refugee cap with the Biden administration I was forced to raise it With only 7,637 refugees accepted by the United States in the last 11 months, it will not reach 62,500 spots this spring due to backlash from progressive allies. This figure does not include the tens of thousands of Afghans accepted by the country in recent weeks.

According to that 44-page notice to CongressThe Byden administration has decided to distribute 40,000 refugee spots in Africa, 35,000 in the Near East and South Asia, 15,000 in East Asia, 15,000 in Latin America and the Caribbean, 10,000 in Europe and Central Asia, and 10,000 unallocated spots. I am planning.

During fiscal year 2022, the United States was a Central American fleeing violence, LGBTQ refugees, Afghans working in US-based organizations, endangered Uighurs, Hong Kong opponents, and persecuted members. “Focus on” the resettlement of refugees from Burma, including. According to the notice, a Rohingya Muslim minority.

The government also said it would announce a private sponsorship program later next year that would allow non-governmental groups and individuals in the United States to fund refugee resettlement. This initiative may reflect a Canadian program that is widely supported in Canada.

Over the past few years, resettlement of refugees in the United States has been significantly reduced due to restrictions during the Trump era and a pandemic of the coronavirus that was temporarily suspended.

In addition to eradicating the US refugee program, which has enjoyed bipartisan support for decades, the Trump administration has narrowed down potential refugees to resettle in the United States and wars in Africa and the Middle East. And disproportionately affected those fleeing persecution.

Treating and resetting 125,000 refugees in fiscal year 2022 will be a huge undertaking for the Biden administration and nine national resettlement agencies to help the government integrate refugees into the U.S. community. ..

Refugee resettlements have closed their offices and reduced their services to reduce the Trump era. In a notice to Parliament, the Biden administration said it would “pursue various financing initiatives and program strategies” to accommodate resettlement arrivals of 65,000 refugees at the beginning of fiscal year 2022. ..

Currently, there are 26.4 million refugees worldwide, about half of whom are children. United Nations Refugee Organization..

Efforts to rebuild the country’s refugee program come when the Biden administration is scrambled to resettle Afghanistan brought to the United States following the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.

A Homeland Security spokesman told CBS News on Monday that about 53,000 Afghans determined to be at risk of being harmed in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan are eight military facilities in the U.S. mainland. Have been vaccinated and treated at.

Afghans who arrived in the United States this summer did not enter the United States through the refugee resettlement program. Many were given parole, a special humanitarian tool, because they did not approve visas.

Some have withheld applications for special immigrant visas to support the United States and its allies, but other Afghans who enter the United States on parole receive refugees after they have lived in the United States for a year. I do not have a direct route to permanent residence.

U.S. raises refugee cap to 125,000 spots in 2022

Source link U.S. raises refugee cap to 125,000 spots in 2022

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