Uber and Lyft drop mask requirements for drivers and riders


Rideshare companies Uber and Lyft both abolished driver and rider face mask rules after judges broke federal mask obligations on public transport such as planes and trains, with major airlines rules. Has been abolished.

Uber announced on its website Tuesday that riders and drivers no longer need to wear masks on their vehicles after April 19th. Uber added that riders who feel uncomfortable in front of an unmasked driver may cancel their trip. It was not disclosed whether a cancellation fee would be incurred.

In addition, passengers can now sit in the passenger seat of the vehicle if the party requires additional space.

A spokesman for Uber’s rival Lyft also confirmed that masks while riding or driving at the company were an option.

“The level of comfort varies from person to person. Those who want to keep wearing the mask are advised to do so. As always, drivers and riders are encouraged to accept or cancel vehicles they do not want to ride. You can refuse, “said the spokesman.

Despite Uber and Lyft withdrawing all precautions, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lives in areas with weakened immunity, high risk of severe illness, or high COVID-19 infection rates. It is recommended that those who are out of the office continue to wear a face mask. ..

Lyft said the CDC changed its policy in response to the abolition of the federal mask’s obligations on public transport.

In a blog post, the company said, “CDC’s transportation requirements for masks have been revoked and we are updating our Lyft ride and driving policy today.”

It also drops other COVID-19 era precautions. Riders can also occupy the front seats, eliminating the need for drivers to keep windows open.

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Uber and Lyft drop mask requirements for drivers and riders

Source link Uber and Lyft drop mask requirements for drivers and riders

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