Ukraine says Russia’s attack in the east gains momentum in the war

Ukraine, Irpin-Ukraine said Thursday that some towns were under heavy attack as Russia’s attacks in the east gained momentum and Moscow troops were trying to surround Ukrainian troops.

To remind us of the horrific sacrifices since the war began on February 24, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that after Russia withdrew from the region, evidence of civilian genocide was found in the capital of Kieu. I visited a town outside of.

The fight accelerated after Russia suddenly cut off natural gas to two NATO countries on Wednesday. This was seen as a bid to punish and divide the West over support for Ukraine prior to the potentially significant battle in the eastern industrial area of ​​Donbus. ..

The Ukrainian Army General Staff said it was “causing a fierce fire” in several places as Russian troops pushed the second stage of the invasion. The most intensive actions were around Donetsk and near Kharkov. Kharkov is outside of Donbus, where it is considered the key to Russia’s explicit bid to siege Ukrainian troops.

Tatiana Pirogova talked about the strong fear of living under constant bombardment.

“It’s not just scary, it’s when your stomach contracts from pain,” said a Kharkov resident. “It’s okay when they shoot during the day, but in the evening I can’t explain how scary it is.”

The Chief of Staff is now the main focus of Moscow, as Ukrainian troops have repelled six attacks on Donbus in the last 24 hours and the first attack failed to occupy the Ukrainian capital. Said.

Luhansk Governor Serhiy Haidai said Russian troops “fired 29 times with aircraft, multiple rocket launches, tube guns and mortars” on residential areas in his area.

Satellite images analyzed by the Associated Press also showed evidence of a recent severe Russian fire in Mariupol. The image shows how the concentrated attack caused great damage to the central facility of the Azovstal ironworks. This is the last bastion of Ukrainian fighters in major battlefield cities.

An estimated 1,000 civilians have been evacuated with about 2,000 Ukrainian fighters to a large Soviet-era complex steelworks with warren, an underground facility built to withstand airstrikes. ..

Meanwhile, Russia said cities under southern control were also on fire.

In the third month of the war, on Thursday Guterres toured towns outside Kyiv, including Bucha, where he saw some of the most horrific attacks of the war.

“Citizens always pay the highest price,” he said when he visited the outskirts of the bombed Irpin. “And this is something everyone should remember, anywhere in the world. Wherever there is war, the highest price is paid by civilians.”

Evidence of atrocities was found in the town Guterres visited on Thursday after the Russians withdrew from the area in the face of more intense Ukrainian resistance supported by Western weapons.

A series of explosions occurred late Wednesday near the TV Tower in Kherson, southern Ukraine, which had been occupied by Russian troops since the early days of the war, as a possible further Ukrainian counterattack. The blast has at least temporarily removed Russian channels from broadcasting, Ukrainian and Russian media reported.

Ukraine has urged its allies to send more military equipment to continue the fighting.

NATO Prime Minister Jason Stoltenberg said, “To date, NATO allies have promised and provided at least US $ 8 billion in military assistance to Ukraine, and it is important to further strengthen support for Ukraine. I am aware of sex. “

Russia’s first blitz was dysgenetic and suffered a humiliating loss of a huge warship, but the British Ministry of Defense said the Russian Navy was still capable of attacking Ukrainian coastal targets.

In an intelligence briefing posted Thursday morning, the ministry said that about 20 Russian Navy vessels, including submarines, are currently operating in the Black Sea.

However, the ministry states that Russia cannot replace the guided-missile cruiser Moskva, which sank in the Black Sea earlier this month, as the Bosphorus remains closed to all warships except Turkey. Russia also lost the landing vessel Saratov, which was destroyed by the March 24 explosion and fire.

Moscow is pushing for a campaign in the east, leveraging its largest export product, energy, to put pressure on NATO member Poland and Bulgaria by separating them from natural gas on Wednesday.

European leaders accused the decision of “blackmail” and warned that the move and the Kremlin could suspend shipments to other countries in an attempt to divide the West over support for Ukraine. Said it was a failure.

Tactics against the two EU countries could eventually force target countries to distribute gas, which could have a new impact on economies suffering from rising prices. At the same time, it can rob Russia of the income that was badly needed to fund Russia’s war effort.

Gascut will not immediately put both countries in dire trouble. Poland in particular has been working with other suppliers for many years. The continent is heading towards summer, and gas is less important to households.

Gazprom said it closed both countries because President Vladimir Putin refused to pay in the ruble because he demanded a “non-friendly” country. The Kremlin said the other countries could be cut off if they disagree with the payment arrangements.

European countries are repelling Russia’s ruble demand. Moscow has since proposed a system to meet that demand, but Europeans say it means they are still paying in either euros or dollars.

Germany’s economic minister, Robert Habeck, said, “Europe (and) Germany pays in euros, others may pay in dollars, not the ruble.” “The conversion after payments have been made is a matter of Gazprom. We have discussed this with the European Union. We will continue on this path.”

Still, the cutoff and the Kremlin warn that other countries could then send a tremor of concern through the European Union of 27 countries. Germany is the world’s largest purchaser of Russia’s energy and Italy is also an important consumer, but they too are taking steps to reduce their dependence on Moscow.


Keaton reported from Kieu, Ukraine. Associated Press journalists John Gambrell and Yuras Karmanau of Lviv, Mstyslav Chernov of Kharkov, Jesika Fish of Slovyansk, and AP staff around the world contributed to this report.

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Ukraine says Russia’s attack in the east gains momentum in the war

Source link Ukraine says Russia’s attack in the east gains momentum in the war

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