Ultenic K10 the air fryer that cooks without oil, a new product in great promotion

Nowadays, people are looking for a healthy lifestyle. Oil-free food is becoming more and more popular. But, oil-free food can be tasteless under tradition cooking way. However, air fryer allows you to enjoy the good food without oil. Today, we are going to recommend you the Ultenic brand air fryer, the K10.

The Ultenic K10 is the air fryer with 5.3QT capacity, it’s enough to make a delicious meal easily. Whether it’s vegetables or meat.


How does it work?

Really simple for everyone. Besides the buttons on top of the machine, you can also control with Ultenic app and voice command. You can set the temperature and time, monitor the progress and reserve the cooking anytime and anywhere. It helps you start the era of smart cooking. That’s the big difference from other fryers.

100 chef-created online recipes and 11 preset cooking programs

If you don’t know what to cook in an air fryer, you will find over 100 pre-programmed smart recipes online with full instructions in the Ultenic APP. You don’t need to set temperatures and times, just select the recipe you want and it will start cooking automatically. The K10 has 11 presets that are programmed with recommended temperatures and cooking times (for chips, cake, bacon, bread, pizza, chicken, fish, vegetables, shrimps, steak and desserts). You just need to choose a type of food and press the button to get delicious and healthy food with ease.

You’ll also find more than a hundred pre-programmed recipes— good for those nights when you don’t want to think too much about how to make dinner happen. The Ultenic K10 also boasts a larger capacity than some fryers; its 5.3 quart space means you won’t always have to break food into pieces to get it cooking.

Ultenic’s app brings a new way for us to control and adjust the air fryer from anywhere. Perfect to prepare before leaving, and come back home with foods ready to eat. You will find the recipe library on the app where you can customize your own fryer favorites, and remembers those time and temperature settings for next time cooking. And if your hands are occupied with other meal-prep tasks, you can control and schedule cooking with Alexa, Google Home or HomePod as you like.

Healthy Eating

With 2.0 rapid heat circulation technology, you don’t need to cook with as much oil. Cooking with air instead of oil! The K10 adapts to contemporary eating habits.

Easy to clean

The parts are detachable and dishwasher safe. You no longer have to worry about cleaning your fryer. After finishing a healthy and tasty meal, put the plates and fryer parts in the dishwasher and you can save time to exercise. How can you be unhealthy when you eat healthy and exercise?

Finally, the decent price!

The price is $98 only with $30 OFF coupon on Amazon now. It is the right time to buy one!


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