Uncharted: The difference between games and movies

“Uncharted” finally appears in the theaterAnd fans have already pointed out the main differences between the movie and the video game series on which it is based. Starring Tom Holland as Nathan Drake When Mark Wahlberg As Victor Sullivan, the movie is full of action, adventure and, of course, treasure hunting.

Given the existence of nine unknown games, it makes sense that this movie had to cut out some things and change them around some plot points. There are many differences between games and movies, but these are the biggest things you need to know.

Nathan Drake is much younger in the movie

In the movie, Nate’s character is about 25 years old, much younger than Nate in the uncharted game. The characters in the video game are much older than the movie version, as the series has multiple games that play over the years.According to the report from Screen Rant, Nate embarks on her first adventure with “Uncharted: Drake’s Luck” at the age of 31. All subsequent games played after this adventure show Nate getting older and entering his mid to late thirties.

Game Nate is similar to the movie Sam

In the movie, Sam is so adventurous that he can’t contain him, so he stands alone as a teenager. Nate stays behind, grows up to be pretty crazy, and sticks near her New York City home. But in the game, Nate is more adventurous and willing to go out and search for treasure at a much younger age. Nate in the game is also more confident of himself and his treasure hunting skills. The movie gives a glimpse of it towards the end when Spoilers trick Chloe into finding a forgotten ship, but the video game Nate would have done this long ago.

Shree is a friend rather than a father in the movie

In the game, the age difference between Nate and Sally is so important that they have a pseudo-father-son relationship. This is especially true as Nate meets when she is a teenager. Sally sees Nate grow and the two form a close bond. In the movie, Nate doesn’t see Sally until she’s in her twenties, and Sally’s character doesn’t seem to be that old — she’s probably in her forties. This puts them on a more equal arena in the movie.

Jo and Moncada are not in the game

It’s not surprising that there are newly created characters in the movie to help tell the story. Santiago Monkada (Antonio Banderas) And Jo Braddock (Tati Gabrielle) are two characters that have never existed in the game.

The movie is not a bit violent

Basically, Uncharted video games are heavily dependent on weapons. Characters in the game are constantly whipping guns to repel other characters. The film takes a slightly lighter approach to the story with a little less violence. It’s still violent, but not as good as a game.

Character Elena is missing from the movie

One of the biggest calls for the difference between games and movies is that the movies don’t include Elena. She’s a journalist who plays a big role in the game series, but she won’t appear in the pictures until later.There is a good chance she will appear Later unknown movie —Especially considering she marries Nate in the game — but she is significantly absent from this movie.

Uncharted: The difference between games and movies

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