United ends the city victory run at 21 with the joy of Manchester Derby

Manchester – Manchester United’s recent success has become a spoiler as Manchester City will eventually continue to win the league title.

After United defeated Derby 2-0 on Sunday, Mayor Pep Guardiola’s pursuit of a world record streak has ended.

The penalty gained 36 seconds later was converted by Bruno Fernandes, and Luke Shaw spent five minutes in the second half finishing 21 Citi games in all tournaments.

However, the Premier League’s complexion has changed dramatically since Citi’s final defeat at Tottenham 106 days ago left the team in 11th place. This is eight points behind the top of the London club.

Losing is now a matter of pride, as it missed the 27th straight win mark set by the Welsh New Saints in 2016. Citi not only climbed the summit, but also built a lead that meant that the second-placed neighbor was only trimmed, a gap to 11 points with a win at Etihad Stadium.


With such an overwhelming lead and only 10 games left, United probably delayed the moment Citi abdicated Liverpool as a champion. Just as Citi couldn’t seal the title on that April day, just three years ago, with the victory of Jose Mourinho’s Derby.

However, just two months after United had its own ambition to lift the trophy, the trophy became number one for the first time since 2013. The title challenge on the part of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been resolved, and United may be left to win the third City Crown Champion since the United name was last engraved on the trophy.

But when both of them meet in the Premier League, there is no longer a big gap. United won three of the last derby and drew the other.

It’s been almost a year since United defeated City 2-0 at Old Trafford. The last time you played at the full stadium, or when a pandemic allowed fans to enter Manchester stadium.



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United ends the city victory run at 21 with the joy of Manchester Derby

Source link United ends the city victory run at 21 with the joy of Manchester Derby

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