Unknown: Is there a sequel?

“”unknown,”starring Tom holland When Mark WahlbergWill be released on February 18th and already has fans enthusiastic about the possibility of a sequel.Movies based on Beloved playstation game franchise of the same nameEmbarks on an adventure to discover and obtain the long-lost treasures of explorer Ferdinand Magellan, centered around Nathan “Nate” Drake (Netherlands) and Victor “Sally” Sullivan (Wallberg). Along the way, the pair must first fight another treasure hunter who decides to get lucky — and search for Drake’s lost brother, Sam. There’s no official word from Sony yet, but the post-credit scene of the movie drops some hints about the possibilities of the second movie.

What happens in the “unknown” post-credits scene?

“Uncharted” was officially a hit at the Barcelona theater on February 7, and according to details of the film’s initial screening (via Newsweek), The scene after credit seems to set a sequel.. The scene after the first credit shows a prison full of prisoners. In particular, I’m focusing on the man who writes a series of postcards for Nathan Drake. He turned out to be none other than Drake’s long-deceased brother, Sam.

Sally tells Drake in the movie that his brother was presumed to have died after the gunshot, but this changes everything. Will Sam escape from prison? Will the postcard finally reach Nate? Will the brothers meet again? The answers to these questions can be explored in the sequel.

In the second post-credit scene, Drake returns to the treasure hunt game. This time, I will negotiate with a man named Gauge (Pilou Asbæk). Each of them is after an item owned by another item. Gauge wants Drake’s Ring, and Drake wants a treasure map owned by Gauge. The two seemingly agreed to an agreement, and Drake gave up the ring, but Gauge regained his offer and only kept the ring and map while pointing a gun and threatening Drake. Just in time, Sally crashes the scene and saves Drake, who runs away with a map and a ring. On the way to escape, it looks like it was stopped by a mysterious person, and the camera goes black. The fate of the two characters, and their potential adventure on the new map, is another plot line that the second movie could extend.

Is there an “unknown” sequel?

Sony has laid the groundwork for the sequel to “Uncharted,” but has not made an official decision on this issue. In other words, it could depend on how well the movie works with box office revenue. If the performance abroad is manageable, the situation looks good. According to Deadline “Uncharted” debuts at No. 1 in 15 countries Internationally (where the movie was released a week before its domestic release on February 18th). If it works the same in the US, it could be just a matter of time before Sony makes the sequel a green light.

Unknown: Is there a sequel?

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